Here We Go Again!

Sorry for the lack of new postings here lately. Ransom is 10 weeks old. He is a great baby, except that he likes to wake up every 2 hours at night to eat. So, I’m not sleeping extremely well these days. Although, Saturday night, he slept for a consecutive 6 hours! (Yay!) And then last night, he slept a consecutive 4 hours! So, maybe we’re making progress to sleeping longer periods of time. (Maybe.)

We are gearing back up for the scheduled life. Ugh. I wasn’t sure I’d make it through last year with the weekly ballet classes for Imo. But we made it, and we added Aidan’s baseball to the mix. Imogene will be taking ballet again this year (and she is super excited about having the same teacher). Aidan is signed up for fall ball. So, here in a couple weeks, we’ll be getting back into kids that have schedules.

I really don’t know how some people do it with the over-scheduled kids. Maybe they thrive on routine. Or maybe they think that is what it takes to be a good parent. I don’t know what motivates them. I don’t know what sustains them.

Aidan and Imogene did enjoy their activities. They enjoyed them enough to pester me over the summer about the fact that they weren’t going to ballet or baseball. And I survived the other parents. (Though there was one granny at baseball that almost got smacked by a very pregnant me.) Hopefully this will be a good year. Hopefully they’ll have fun. Hopefully I can do more than just survive this year.

And I’ll try to enjoy my last year with just 2 with schedules, before Emery joins their ranks next year.

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