Dear New Mom

Dear New Mom,

 You approached me at the Diner today to tell me how you aspire to be just like me. While I appreciate the ego boost, let me tell you, it just won’t work. You’ll be a better mom than me to your child. Because you are the perfect mom for that little girl you were toting around so proudly. I know, right now, you’re finding your way in Mommyland, and it seems like everyone else has their act together, but we are really all just finding our way, too. I know, I looked like I had it under control. My kidswere all freakishly behaving today. They were happy because they chose the restaurant, they don’t always get such a big privilege. They were all happy with their menu choices. Some days, the toddler orders PB&J, then realizes when the food gets out that while he said “pee-bu jewee” he meant “corn dawg”. They happen to adore the huge coloring pages at the Diner, other restaurants have coloremine us that don’t allow for such vast creativity, and they throw them to the floor much quicker and opt for tossing silverware around. I do not always look so put together. I just recently updated my wardrobe from yoga pants and oversized tees into something just as comfy, but far more presentable. (yay!  Old Navy yoga skirts!)  I don’t always multi-task with such finesse. Really. I don’t always order so healthy. Really. See, you saw one meal and assumed I was Mom of the year. And I am not. I struggle just like you. Walk into The Parsonage, you’ll see that I am far from perfect. And I don’t want you to think you aren’t awesome. You are. YOu are Mom of The Year to spouses on that matters – your kid. You are her world, and there is no better Mom to her than you. So, even though you may look around and think every other Mom is doing better than you, it isn’t true. We’re all alike. We are just trying to do the best for our kids, our families. You’ll find your groove (then you’ll have #2 and you’ll be back to trying to figure the whole thing out again, or your daughter will hit the next phase of her life, leaving you to adjust to her new needs). Just know, you are an awesome Mom. No need to compare yourself to anyone else. You rock.

Lindsey, The Mom of the Four Kids At The Next Table 

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