Are You Sure You’re 31?

The Pastor has a 31st birthday coming up. What did he ask for (for the second year in a row)? A bike. Yep. This year, I gave in and to the bike shop we went. We got this Felt for him. He loves it.

He wrecked on is first trek. No worries, the bike is fine! But no one saw him wreck. Boo! Can you imagine driving down the road and seeing a 31 year old dude wreck his cruisin’ bike? We’re not talking racing bike. We’re talking a Cruiser. Ha! (And I hear this is common other places- it is not out here in the ‘burbs of Atlanta. He’s the only dude I’ve seen on a cruisin’ bike. Plenty of guys in spandex on racing bikes, but few just cruisin’ to the coffee shop. Maybe he’ll bring the cool here. We’ll see.)

The kids were stoked to see his boo-boo from his wreck. “You mean grown ups fall off their bikes, too?!” “No, not grown ups. Dad.” Ha! Okay, I’m poking a little too much fun. But he does love his new bike. And I’m glad to see he loves it even after wrecking it on the way to the coffee shop. Maybe I’ll sell his car.

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