Lit!: A Christian Guide To Reading Books- A Review

Part 1 of this book (the first 90 pages) contain the theology behind reading. This part was rather sow moving for me, because I’m not the type that enjoys theological reads. (Not that I do not think theology is important, it most certainly is. I’m just not as theologically minded as some, so theological reading is slow for me and not as enjoyable. You know me- I zone out when theological phrases start coming up. A defense mechanism I developed to make it through The Pastor’s seminary days.) I think Reinke is right on in that we should read and that we shouldn’t necessarily be limited to only “Christian” books.

Reinke gives good practical advice on how to read. Much of it I already do. Some of it, I’d find myself hard pressed to do. (Such as quitting reading a book! Gasp! In all seriousness, he says you should read a book one hundred pages minus your age before you quit. While that may seem like good advice, it assume 2 things: (1) That age brings wisdom, which is not necessarily the case. (2) That even that much of the book is worth reading. For some books, yes, it’d be enough. For others, you need only read a handful of pages to know you can put that one down and not miss a thing.)

None of the content feels new to me, though it is fairly good content. I cannot say I enjoyed the book (it seemed tediously slow) but I can appreciate what he had to say. In full disclosure, the writings of John Calvin are mentioned a few times, which leads me to conclude the theology is coming from a reformed perspective (which I am not). Though his view is coming from a different perspective, I did not find the theologies were at odds with one another on this particular subject.

I was given this book for free through the Amazon Vine program. I am clearly not required to give this book a good review.

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