Modern Curriculum Press Phonics: Level A Review

Modern Curriculum Press Phonics, also referred to as MCP Plaid.

I use The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Third Edition) as the basis of homeschooling for my children. We started teaching reading with The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading. It is a great program, but my kids just didn’t care for it like I wanted them to. My daughter did very well with that program learning all her letter sounds, but once she moved into the reading section, she stalled. She is very work book oriented, so I bought this workbook as a supplement for her phonics. Once it arrived and she started using it, I quickly realized it was all she really needed.

It reminds me of Explode the Code 1, but I actually like MCP Phonics better. The worksheets are full color, though the paper is a bit on the thin side. I would recommend buying a new book for each student. The range on the level A is pretty broad. I’d start this book once they had letter recognition and letter sounds learned. Then you’ll use this work book for beginning to put words together (well, it actually begins with recognizing beginning and ending letters of words) through contractions. It is a very good first grade phonics program. (Though I do start mine about halfway through Kindergarten and then work it through 1st grade.)

I liked the book so much, I bought another for my Kindergarten son to go ahead and start. (Since he had just recently completed learning all his letter sounds.) I tore out all the pages and placed them in a 1″ binder, so I could better keep up with their work.

The book also comes with cards for letters and sight words along with an envelope for storage. You could very easily use these to teach your child his/her letters and letter sounds before beginning the workbook pages.

I highly recommend this phonics program. It is a little more on the “traditional” side of schooling. It has “name” and “date” places on each page and is geared for a classroom setting (with letters to go home with kids to parents). However, I find it works very well in a homeschooling setting.

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