New Desserts at Chick-Fil-A

We’re big Chick-Fil-A fans here. Not only do they have the only Kid’s Meal on the planet that I don’t have to harass the kids to eat, but they also have food that I like to eat. (Plus, they have great customer service. And it goes a long way for someone to happily carry my tray and drinks to an available table without me having to ask because they see I’ve got my hands just a bit full. And then they return about 20 minutes later to get me a refill of Sweet Tea. Gotta love them for that.)

Yesterday, we were invited to a non-public taste testing of their new desserts. (In case you are wondering how we got this invite, it isn’t just because we’re their favorite customers. One of the youth in our church works at CFA, he invited us to the invite only event.) Let me tell you, you have to order them! (I’m talking to you, Jessica.) You can now get these huge, warm chocolate chip cookies. They are amazing. Warm. They also have a new brownie that is nut free. It tastes like fudge. It is fabulous. Now, you can also get a cookie sundae or a brownie sundae.

Let me explain why the Chick-Fil-A Brownie Sundae is one of the best I’ve ever eaten. Usually, brownies to go with ice cream are made really dry. And then they pour a bunch of hot fudge over it. But you can still tell the brownie is dry. The new CFA Brownie Sundae is made with this super rich, soft brownie. It isn’t dry at all. And then they top it with Ice Dream, which we all know tastes like homemade ice cream. It is just a fabulous change from the usual dry brownie sundae I’m used to.

So head out the Chick-Fil-A and let the kids play in the playland while you eat a Brownie Sundae. (Or a warm chocolate chip cookie.)

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