Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak for Themselves- A Review


I reviewed this book as part of the Amazon Vine program. This book was sent to me for free for the purpose of reviewing it. I am not obligated to Amazon or the author to give a favorable review.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. (And if you’re wondering, no, I am not Catholic.)

This book is a collection of essays covering some of today’s hot topic issues. Women speaking about how they feel as women in the Church. People outside the faith want to talk about the oppression of Catholic women in today’s culture, but in this book, those women speak out. And they aren’t oppressed. They are strong women with firm beliefs in line with the Church.

This is a quick book to read. The essay format makes it easy to read a little at a time and to skip around to what interests you. If you feel women in the Church are oppressed, stop and read what the women themselves have to say.

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