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The One and Only Ivan- A Review


I read this book as part of the Amazon Vine reviewing program. I was given this book for free for reviewing purposes. I am not obligated by Amazon or the author to give this book a favorable review. 

This is a children’s book. I gave the book 3 out of 5 stars.

I liked the story. It was sweet and sentimental. A very touching story of a gorilla who saves a baby elephant. The set up was clever. An entire story told by a gorilla narrator. Very smart thinking there. However, something was missing in the actual execution. It just felt choppy and incomplete. It didn’t feel genuine. There was also a large portion of the book that was just chatter, having little to do with the story. (The book also contains a glossary, which is completely overkill, since each term in the glossary is defined as it is used. A cast of characters would have been more appropriate, or a map of the mall.) The beginning was very slow moving, which is never a good thing in a children’s book. Once it got to the actual story (about 68 pages in) the story moves you through the choppiness and sometimes meaningless chatter. 

This book makes a much better read aloud book than a read it yourself book. Read aloud, the choppiness doesn’t seem so apparent and the slow moving story can be pressed through.


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