Make Space- A Review


I received this book for free to review through the Amazon Vine program. I am not obligated to Amazon or the author to write a favorable review.

At first, I was a bit confused with the layout of this book. The book definitely lacks flow and just jumps from one idea to the next. Picking up the book to read from cover to cover, you end up scratching your head saying, “What am I doing here. What am I even reading here.”

Then, you decide to pick up the book for ideas, inspiration, starting points. And suddenly, it makes sense. You suddenly see the ideas flowing from the pages and you see what is being done and immediately start thinking, “Now, where can I use this? Could this solve my problem here?”

This book has ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. It also contains much of the practical nuts and bolts of said ideas. Use foam cubes as short term seating that can be stacked interestingly and also used to build temporary divides in the room should those be needed. Great idea. And here’s how you make that happen. Brilliant!

Now, not all of the projects or ideas are simple DIY projects. Yes, the basic gist is in the book, but there are some skills and some items I just don’t have on hand to make some of these ideas a reality in my home. (AV carts, plexiglass, translucent polycarbonate, etc.) However, the book does include resources for where I can find such things. So, I’m not just left looking saying, “Oh that’s nice.” But saying, “It may be a bit out of my comfort zone, but I could acquire these parts and make that. Maybe.”

It is definitely more geared toward business type spaces, but you could incorporate many of these ideas anywhere. Church. Home. School. Wherever. If you’ve got space issues or even are just trying to think outside of the box, this book is a good place to start to get your brain churning and moving to more unconventional solutions. (Plus, the pictures are pretty inspiring.)

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