This Is How- A Review

I received this book for free for the purposes of review through the Amazon Vine program. I am not obligated by Amazon or the author to give a favorable review. (And as you will see, this is not favorable.)

2 out of 5 stars. (1 out of 5 for content, but the cover is so cool, so it got an extra star from me.)

There was once a MAD TV skit about a lady going to a psychiatrist for help with her phobias. She was deathly afraid of being trapped in a small box. Her psychiatrist’s response was, “Stop it!” It was a funny sketch. This book reminded me of a long version of that sketch, and not as funny. Perhaps I just didn’t get it. I couldn’t ever tell if the author was trying to be humorous or if it was an actual self help book where the advice was simply, “Stop it!” Maybe it was supposed to be both? I’m not a fan of overly used “curse” words. It is obnoxious to me. Perhaps that was my turn off. Or maybe I just didn’t like the author’s voice in the book. This book just fell very short for me, though I know there will be plenty of people who love and adore it.

On the plus side, the cover is awesome.

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