5 year Anniversary!

Rango & Mum.I somehow missed my 5 year anniversary of blogging. So here I am, saying Happy Anniversary, dear blog. Some of you have been reading from the beginning. Some of you have just started following. Either way! Happy 5th Anniversary, you guys!

So, I tell The Pastor the news. Notes From The Parsonage is five years old. He says, “You have to do something.” I asked, “Like what?” I mean, I guess I could throw a party and post pictures of my partying in my living room alone. But that just sounds sad. He suggested a top 10 post. So, that is what I’m doing. The top 10 Notes From The Parsonage posts to date.

1. Plastic Bag Holder Tutorial

P10101502. Crayon Wallet Tutorial

CW Finished Interior3. Boston Creme Cupcakes

Aidan and the cupcake** Oh my goodness! Look how tiny Aidan was. He’s 5 now. And reading. And not so squishy looking. Although he still eats cupcakes much the same.

4. Double Ruffle Pants Tutorial

double ruffle pants5. Superhero Cape Tutorial

P10100856. Tweedle Bugs Diaper Review

tweedle bugs7. Carpet Cleaning

middle8. Graham Bear Wear Diaper Review

graham bear wear diapersI’m still using these. Just got them back from a friend and will be using them again soon!

9. Double Twirly Skirt Tutorial

Imo in SkirtIf you have a little girl, take the time to make this skirt! It has been over 2 years since I made this skirt and she is still wearing it! (It is knee length now.)

10. Corn Puns Abound!

P1010076This has been the most baffling thing to me. Why are you people so very concerned with corny jokes? Seriously. Corn puns? I’m perplexed.

So, I see a pattern. You people like sewing. I like sewing. We’re a good match. There will be many more sewing tutorials coming. I’ve got a few planned. Some baby stuff is coming. Some girly stuff is coming. Some boy stuff is coming. It’ll be fun!

Here are the top 10 search engine terms that get you to me:

1. corn puns


2. Crayon Wallet Tutorial

That I get. No one wants to pay for a rectangle. That is how this post came to be in the first place.

3. Superhero Cape Tutorial

There are several of these floating around. You can easily find one to fit your fancy and your skill level.

4. Tweedle Bugs Diaper Review

I understand. It is cheap. Is it good?

5. Plastic Bag Holder Tutorial

Everybody needs something to do with those plastic grocery bags. Even in the age of the canvas tote, we all find ourselves with the plastic devils.

6. Crayon Wallet Pattern

See #2.

7. How to Make a Crayon Wallet

See #2 and #6. People really don’t want to pay for rectangles.

8. Ruffle Pants Tutorial

They look so easy. You don’t need a pattern. And you know it.

9. Vanilla Pudding Filled Cupcakes

Because they are amazing. No matter what fancy baked goods come out of my kitchen, the filled cupcakes are always a hit. Simple. But a hit.

10. How to Make Cupcake

Not sure about the grammar of this search. But cupcakes are yummy, and I assume the hundreds of you who entered this search were just fiending for a cupcake so badly, you just typed so quickly the s fell off.

Thanks for a great, and surprisingly successful, 5 years! Here’s to five more!












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