A Day In The Life of This Babywearing Momma

DITL- ball field closeI’m going to take you through a day in our life, focusing on how wearing the baby makes all this easy. (Well, actually it just makes all this possible!) I’ve got 5 kids. Bigger than average family = busy Saturdays! This baby carrier makes those busy Saturdays easy on little Topher (he’s 3 months old) and doable for me!

DITL- BallgameWe started our Saturday at the ball field. I only have one child that plays baseball. And my husband usually helps out in the dug out (or as Aidan call it, the Hang Out), leaving me to wrangle the 4 that aren’t playing. What is it with toddlers and bleachers? I need both hands to catch the many attempts at diving off the top of those things. And of course, hands free to get water, give gum, give more gum because they swallowed the first piece, brush the dirt off a skinned knee, and the list goes on. In fact, right after this picture was taken, I got stung by a yellow jacket trying to get it off the toddler’s ring pop.

DITL- Baseball BabyYou can see Imogene in the act of running off. (Though thankfully out ball field has a fence all the way around and only one exit.)

DITL- Out of CarBack in the car after the game and off to grab a quick bite to eat. In the pic, I’m in the process of putting Topher into the Beco Soleil. Putting a baby into a carrier is much quicker than getting under all the baseball gear and digging the stroller out of the back of the car.

DITL- McDsBoth hands free to order at McDonald’s. (Don’t judge me! Quick food is what it is.) (And the cashier was only slightly freaked out about having his picture taken for the interwebz.) Both hands to grab the tray and fill up drinks. Topher slept through all this. He’s in his own little world in there. (Thanks to that super handy hood.)

DITL- Corn MazeAfter a quick lunch, we head to the Corn Maze with a group from church. My kids are back there hopping around on that “pillow”. Topher is sleeping in his cozy little world close to Mom.

DITL- RajAdam had to carry Ransom (2 year old) in the Beco Gemini from the parking field because in typical toddler fashion, Ransom refused to walk that far. And since we had baseball that morning, the wagon was at home to make room for the baseball equipment and the umbrella stroller was buried beneath the bat bags. (Plus, we didn’t want the stroller to tote around all day with no kid in it.)

DITL- Corn Maze CloseishWalking through the corn maze with Topher in the Beco Soleil was so much easier than pushing a stroller through. (Have you ever tried to push a stroller through a corn maze? I tried it a few years ago and don’t recommend it.)  Plus, I was able to breastfeed Topher as we walked!

DITL- Daddy is TiredAdam got tired after two rounds through the maze, so he is using the Beco Gemini as a pillow. And Ransom thought it was the perfect time to use Daddy as a jungle gym.

DITL- Cracker Barrel HelpsAfter the Corn Maze, we hit up Cracker Barrel for dinner. Which was a mistake on a busy Saturday night. The kids were in meltdown mode. Topher was just hanging out, as you can see. (He’s kind of out of the carrier here. He’s propped up so he can look over my shoulder, but the carrier is still mostly supporting him so I can eat with one hand at least.

DITL- Wrangling CatsWrangling the cats with my hands free.

DITL- Cracker BarrelHappy, fed kids with only one stop of the day left! Yay!

DITL- KrogeringWe ran by Costco, but who knew they closed at 7pm on Saturdays? I sure didn’t. So we went Krogering. Grocery shopping with a baby carrier is a life changing experience if you’ve got a baby and never worn them in the store. No huge car seat taking up the entire buggy. No wrapping the front seat part to try and stick baby in there. You just strap them on and go. Of course, with 4 other kids, I’m usually pushing a car buggy with 2 in the car, 1 in the seat part of the buggy, and 1 walking. But I only had to grab a few items, so I convinced all 4 other kids to walk.

And finally, the long Saturday is over. And Topher has been happily in the Beco Soleil from 9am until 8pm.

DITL- Rock HandTopher says, “Babywearing rocks!”

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