Declutter Challenge

I am participating in a declutter challenge and ask that you join me. Don’t need to join me? Color me jealous. Moving on the the rest of you! Here is how we roll:

– 40 days

– 40 boxes or bags

– You determine your bag or box size. (Or give yourself a time goal. “I will spend 10 minutes each day decluttering.”)

– Get stuff out of your house quickly. Trash can go out that day. Donations should be taken weekly, at least.

– Keep a list of all the things you are getting rid of. (This is optional. But it keeps you focused and will help you see how awesome you’re doing.)

– Get accountability.  Go to the blog’s Facebook page  and tell us there! We’ll all be cheering for you. (I’ll be posting my daily declutterings there, too!

Let’s do this thing!

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