Carpet Cleaning with Young Living Thieves Cleaner

Some of you recall that I have posted about carpet cleaning before. Once again, I’m telling you how to clean your carpets. I now have 5 kids ages 7 and under. We homeschool, so we spend most of our days here in this house on this cheap rental home carpet. (Still dreaming of owning my own home one day so I can be rid of carpet- at least in the main areas of my home.) I also have 2 dogs. (One is small and is now senile. He has taken to marking his territory in the house. Fun, right? Anyone want a small senile dog? One is a large English Sheepdog. He tracks in mud on his massive, hairy paws.) I clean my carpet often. Way too often. (Spot cleaning constantly thanks to the senile dog and the toddler.) And while my Oxiclean system works really well, I always holdout hope for a more natural product. (Especially since I have a little one crawling around on it all the time.)

mainI was introduced to Young Living oils a few months ago. They have an all natural cleaning product called Thieves Cleaner. (That is a link to my personal Young Living site where you can find Thieves cleaner to purchase.) It is a multi-purpose cleaner for everything from countertops to hands to floors to windows to laundry. It does it all. Of course, my first thought upon buying a bottle was, “I’m going to put this in my steam cleaner and see what it’ll do for my carpets.” I’ll go ahead and give you my pros and cons up front and then go step by step though carpet cleaning with Thieves Cleaner.


First, this cleaner is all natural. No chemicals. No harsh fumes. No RINSING necessary. No worries about baby crawling around on it.

Second, because of that no rinsing bit, this is much faster than my traditional OxiClean route.

Third, your carpets will feel softer when they dry using Thieves Cleaner than using OxiClean.

Fourth, it smells amazing.

Fifth, it kills germs and viruses and fungus.

Now, this is not going to get your carpet as super duper white as OxiClean, Dawn, and TTO. If you’ve got thick gummy gunk in the carpet, you may want to go the OxiClean route. I personally now view the OxiClean routine as my heavy duty carpet cleaning and this Young Living Thieves oil as my routine, most-of-the-time carpet cleaning.

beforeStep One: Clear out all the furniture. Yes, you need to. And this picture is why. I found about a dozen empty fruit snacks wrappers from some sneaky little person. I also found random toys, papers, rubber bands, buttons, change, a glow stick, a straw, several crayon nubs… you get the picture. If you don’t move your furniture, all that stays hidden. Also, if you have pets- they tend to mark their territory on chair legs, table legs, side of the couch, etc. So, if you don’t move the furniture, you won’t get to all of that. Plus it is just easier to clean a big empty room than clean around stuff.

before 3

before 2

Vacuum. Note my before picture. You’ll see chocolate milk stains, turmeric stains, jello stains, slime stains, muddy dog feet stains, dog pee stains (it wasn’t set in, fresh, yay- see my sarcastic font?), something red, and something blue. And yes, I cleaned this carpet in full less than 2 months ago.

cleanerNow, add one capful of Thieves Cleaner into each fill of clean water in your steam cleaner. It does foam a little, so add the water (preferably hot) and then the cleaner. Steam clean the entire room. I used 4 fills of my steam cleaner (4 capfuls). Then I used my upholstery attachment and spot cleaned the stains that didn’t want to let go. (This is different from my OxiClean routine where I scrub the spots with Dawn.) Since this is an all natural cleaner, it leaves no residue, so I have no reason to rinse the carpet. And I’m done. Like that. That fast.


after 2

Chocolate milk stain- gone. Senile dog pee- gone. Slime and jello- gone. Tumeric- still there. (This turmeric has been in my carpet for over a year now. Even a professional carpet cleaner couldn’t get it out. Moral of the story- keep turmeric laden foods off your carpeted areas.) Red stuff- gone. Mud- gone. Blue stuff- gone. Bright and shiny carpet again.

Let your carpet dry fully before you put your furniture back.

Now, more shout out about this Thieves Cleaner- I used it to then clean my brick fireplace, baseboards, windows, back door, outside windows, kitchen countertop, and coffee table. And I cleaned all that with one capful of cleaner. My bottle is still about 3/4 full! Now that is awesome.

**Disclaimer- Using any cleaner in your steam cleaner other than the brand your steam cleaner company makes will void the warranty. I want my carpet clean and don’t care how I have to get it that way. Warranty schmarranty. You, however, might care. And now I have informed you. Do as you wish with this disclaimer. **

33 Replies to “Carpet Cleaning with Young Living Thieves Cleaner”

  1. Thanks for writing and sharing this post. I have a front room and the carpet looks a bit like your before picture. I was wondering if you could please advise as to what kind of steam cleaner you have, I don’t own one but I think maybe I should. I just got my first Thieves Cleaner on Friday and I have just been down on the floor using it on some big stains on the carpet, I have my fingers crossed it works:) Your carpet looks amazing, absolutely amazing. I’d be happy cleaning my carpets myself regularly if I were to get an outcome like yours.

    1. I have had both a Hoover and a Bissel steam cleaner. I prefer the Bissel. I have the Deep Clean Lift Off Model. Hoover does have better scrubbers, the suction is just better of the Bissel, I think. But I have been happy with both. I have also used the rental Rug Doctor’s steam cleaners, but you really aren’t supposed to use them with anything but the cleaner you buy for them, which is a bummer because it is expensive and doesn’t work.

      1. Love what you share on this page and new at the essential oil, especially cleaning aspect. Can you tell me why you prefer Bissel Deep Clean Lift Off Model when Hoover have better scrubbers and suction? Just wondering. Do you mind telling me the exact model name on the steam cleaner bc we have been looking for a while and don’t know which one to pick and what’s a good price for it? Please share, Thanks.

  2. I just found this post because i just bought a bissel to clean the carpets that my dog for sick on. I wanted to use thieves instead of the bissell formula so started Google-ing. Thank you for this post. I do have a question. Do you put the capful of thieves cleaner in the formula tank?

    1. I mix it into the clean water tank. I never trust the cleaning fluid tank. I’ve had it completely not empty before. So I just mix it all into the clean water tank for good measure.

      1. I just received my Thieves Household Cleaner, my concern with cleaning the carpet is if it is “an oil” will it not attract dirt more readily? I hope that is not too silly of a question.

      2. I have not found that to be the case. I don’t get a good deep clean or good stain removal from Thieves cleaner alone. It is more of a maintenance kind of clean. But I have not had more stains. Essential oil doesn’t feel oily in the normal sense. It evaporates in air, so it isn’t like pouring olive oil in the carpets.

      1. I always used bissel, but last year I got a Big Green Machine (that may not be the actual name) but for twice the price $400 instead of $200 it was 10 times better my carpets dry in HOURS instead of DAYS!

  3. Love Theives Cleaner! Works well on everything, especially carpets…dog pee, 2-6 year olds running amok, beer and other assorted grimey-ness, all gone with a quickness and an immune boost for the whole household! Thanks for spreading the good news!

    Cindy O.

    1. You can, but more cleaner doesn’t always equate to cleaner carpets. I personally do more passes rather than increase the cleaner used to get things cleaner because I have better results that way.

  4. Quick question, will it eliminate that “dog” odor? We have 2 puppies we’ve kept contained to our finished basement while potty training and it has that smell. I was thinking a drop of purification as well?

  5. Can I use Thieves as a spot cleaner? I have the Thieves cleaner and oil. I have a dog that occasionally pees on the carpet and I want to remove the stain.
    Thank you!

      1. Thank you! I know this sounds ridiculous, but should I mix Thieves as a spray? If I make a mix, what are the usual proportions? Or use it straight?

  6. We just had an inch of water in our basement (for less then 8 hours) before clean up started. It was just sump pump switch broke. We immediately sucked up the standing water with a shop vac and spent 7 hours removing everything from basement. Insurance was called and a professional cleaning company called in. They sucked everything up set up blowers under carpets, fans along each wall & door frame and a professional dehumidifier in every room. Now they are wanting to come in and clean the carpets and apply an anti microbial and I say no way I don’t want anything scented or chemical filled in my home. So I’m reaching out and asking you if you are at all familiar with professional cleaning done with thieves cleaner because I have to convince them that this is what they’re going to do.

    1. I have not had a professional cleaning with Thieves. I have had a professional cleaning with water only. We did not have a flooded area, just typical dirty carpets from kids and pets, but they were able to get it really clean with zero chemicals. You can always ask if they are up for using Thieves cleaner, but if they aren’t, you could ask for a no chemical company to clean it and then spray it after with a diluted Thieves cleaner yourself. I’m not a carpet cleaning professional, so I’m. It even sure what is in their usual antimicrobial cleaning solutions.

  7. I used thieves to clean a room. Washed several times and rinsed. The carpet smells bad now. I can’t explain it. Has anyone else has this problem. I was hoping to avoid fragrances in my son’s room. Now it smells rancid. The thieves itself smelled nice and spicy. The carpet is also stiff, not soft. But I did use a bunch. It was heavy with traffic stains.

    1. Was the carpet soaked when you were done? Some carpet cleaners don’t pull the water completely out of the carpet, so the smell could be from that. If the carpet itself smells, I’d clean it again and make sure I got all the water out of the carpet. (Or I’d call ZeroRez and have them do it if I didn’t think I could get the water out myself.)

    2. My other thought would be that it is maybe the pad under the carpet. And when you got it wet it “woke up” something that is in that pad. I don’t know that there is a way to clean the pad under the carpet. So, I’d likely try cleaning the carpet again and see if the second time is better or if it still seems bad.

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