Fruit of The Spirit Follow Up

if necessary use words

The best way to teach your kids to be loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled people is to model it for them. The way you live and act will be the megaphone in their life. You can read them all the right words, teach them all the right quotes and verses, pray all the right prayers- but those will be the background music. Your life is the loud, blaring siren bringing them in. Your children are your closest disciples, following you as you follow Christ. They will receive the overflowing abundance of God as your cup overflows onto them. Make sure you’re filling your cup with things of God. Make sure the song your life is screaming points to Him. Their little eyes are on you, like it or not. Your walk with God will either help or hinder them. Want them to be loving? Show them love. Want them to be joyful? Let your joy overflow to them. Want them to be peaceful? Sow peace with your own life first. Want them to be patient? Be a shining example of patience. Want them to be kind? Be kind. Want them to be good? Shower them with goodness. Want them to be faithful? Be their example of faithfulness. Want them to be gentle? Shown them gentleness. Want them to have self-control? Show them your self-control. It’d certainly be easier to just have them memorize 9 verses and tell them what they should do. I pray our Lord will give you strength for this tough parenting gig. Let your children follow you right to the foot of the cross.

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