Why I Chose Young Living Oils For My Family


I have used essential oils for several years, but the ones I purchased at the health stores just never did quite what they promised. Eucalyptus to open sinuses required me to liberally pour 20 or more drops of the stuff out to get any therapeutic use. So, I started looking into oils a little more and realized the quality of the oils I was using was really low. They were basically perfume grade. So, I started looking for better oils.

Being initially turned off by Young Living’s dated marketing, I turned to DoTerra. I bought their Family Physician Kit for $150 which included 11 oils. These oils were significantly better than the previous health store oils I had been purchasing. But I still was not feeling that the oils were the best. I thought they were good, a huge leap better than the perfume grade, but I still didn’t feel that I could really count on them fully when it came to therapeutic results.

A friend invited me to an oil class she was hosting, which I found out would be Young Living. I thought I would check them out, and if nothing else, buy a bottle of Orange Oil to support my friend. I was so surprised by the quality of Young Living oils. I was also intrigued by the way the oils were presented vs. the way they were presented by the DoTerra rep. (And this isn’t a company standard or anything, just a rep vs. rep which says very little about the company.) But the Young Living oils were presented in a Christ centered way. The oils were made from plants, given by God for our healing. Applying the oil with prayer was something that hadn’t even crossed my mind until the Young Living rep suggested it. (At that point, I had not tried the oils, so I was simply determined to use their advice with my DoTerra oils.) After smelling the Young Living oils, I decided to buy their Premium Starter Kit. For the same $150, I got 11 oils, plus a diffuser, plus samples, plus a roller bottle top. I decided to do a side by side comparison since I’d have both oils. My initial plan was to buy the oils from the cheaper of the two companies.

dt vs yl kit

(Pricing for both companies is very similar. I really don’t understand either side trying to make the case for cheaper oils. Some are cheaper here. Others are cheaper there. It really does even out in the end. Although, the Young Living Kit is clearly the much better value.)

DT vs. YL prices

As far as marketing, DoTerra wins that hands down. Their look is better. Although, since DoTerra is essentially an off shoot, and they’ll not like that I called them that, but whatever, of Young Living, the colors, catalogues, and reference books are ridiculously similar. The bottles are clearly different, but the rest of it looks like an updated Young Living. It is even comical how closely the wording in the reference books were. (And both companies have reference books specific to their products that never mention the company’s name and try to look third party which is annoying.) The DoTerra website is prettier and easier to use.

Young Living Customer Service has proven to be far more helpful than DoTerra’s customer service. Young Living goes above and beyond to make things right. DoTerra is efficient and gets the problem handled, but has never seemed to try to exceed my expectations.

The oils themselves- on my personal smell and usage comparison, Young Living is far better than DoTerra. This is purely anecdotal and not scientific at all. But when I put a Young Living oil on, I know I am going to get the desired effect. Not so for DoTerra. The DoTerra peppermint oil smells like candy canes. Young Living peppermint oil is strong, knock-your-socks-off peppermint. The DoTerra lemon oil smells like lemon drop candy. Young Living lemon oil smells like concentrated lemon peel. For DoTerra, 3-4 drops of peppermint in your water made it refreshing. Young Living, seriously only try a single drop! I found I could use less Young Living oil for better results. A smell test at my house with my friends, and most said of the oils that were different, they preferred Young Living. They agreed the Young Living smell, feel, and act stronger, or more concentrated.

DoTerra does not offer nearly as many oils as Young Living. The blends are so similar is is comical and makes you understand the lawsuit between the two companies. (Breathe and Breathe Again. DiGize and DigestZen. Thieves and OnGuard. Deep Blue and PanAway. All so similar.)

So, when it was all boiled down, did I want flash or a consistently great product. I chose to take the lame labels, quirky website, greater variety, and greater quality offered by Young Living and fully switch. (Which you’ll recall was not my initial plan or my second plan.) I now buy only Young Living oils and recommend them highly to my friends. My friends that are happy with DoTerra, I think that is great. If you find yourself in need of one of the many oils DoTerra doesn’t offer, I’m here. If you’re using health food store oil, you’ll be amazed by either company. I just personally chose Young Living for my family. I can trust the oil to do what I need it to do.

Shameless plug: If you don’t have a Young Living rep, consider using my link  and my number is 1650325 and supporting my family. If you have a Young Living or DoTerra rep, go buy from them.   (Please know that I have the ability to sell DoTerra, as well, I simply choose to buy and sell Young Living based on my personal use and interaction with each company.) If you have any questions about my experience with either company, feel free to ask.

28 Replies to “Why I Chose Young Living Oils For My Family”

  1. It’s confusing in which company I want to go with? I was looking for your contact info but cannot find it so I am writing on here! I was originally going to go with YL but I have read mixed reviews on both companies. I know YL seems more legit than DT but the lawsuit and whatever happened btwn the two companies wouldn’t tell us which ingredients are more pure than the other. What if DT didn’t like the way YL was doing business or making products so they veered off to make their own? OR maybe he did it out of spite due to being fired? IDK I also read that Gary Young’s brother Dana Young didn’t like that Gary was cutting corners and using fillers so he branched off to make Be Young…why didn’t they do business as a family? Why would his brother compete with him? I am just so confused in which to pick? There are so many mixed reviews and just like you stated in your experience, someone said the same exact opposite as you, that I could have sworn you rewrote this in another site tearing YL apart?! I know that wasn’t you but I was just making a point in doing research…I am just so clueless. I like wyndmere (which I am using now) BUT I want quality products and why is it so hard to just find the darn honest truth right? Can’t they have a 3rd or 4th party (someone not affiliated with either company) test the purity of each product? [pulling my hair out]

    1. I actually chose doterra for the exact same reasons, purity and potency. I am curious about YL so I tried to use your link but this is what I am getting.

      (8001) There is no web site available for this member.

      1. I should correct that link, as I no longer have a personal website through Young Living. (I am still a distributor, but people found the website confusing to order through.) Youngliving.org is the company’s website and you can buy through them with any distributor’s number. Mine is 1650325 if you need a number. Individual oils are on the “product” page. Kits are on the “sign up now” page.

      2. Well I am still left hanging lol I feel like “that’s it?”
        I ordered from Eden’s Garden with fantastic results at a more bang for your buck price and Native American Nutritional’s are very good as well. I would like to try each company for myself and compare what works for us…so far eden’s garden I am truly surprised by…Have you guys tried these companies? I have read reviewers say that the EG’s thieves oil is just the same as YL and I have seen a great comparison btwn NAN and YL as well but not sure what your guys’ take is on it. Also DrGrace I have seen them compare to DT’s as well, not just to YL.

  2. I must say that YL seems very much New Age and not God based. Read the description on the Abundance and Forgiveness. Also on Exodus II, Moses was never in a temple (tabernacle yes) and it specifically says in Exodus 30:34 that the incense formula God gave Moses was not ever for personal use, only for the Lord.
    I understand that you state this was the rep’s presentation style (Christ-centered) however it is a stretch to say that they are more Christian based because the rep stated God made these plants for healing and to pray when applying them.
    I am concerned that you are misleading people who are looking for a company with a Christian philosophy.

    1. I did not intend to imply that either company was more “Christian” than the other. I was simply commenting on the rep. That’s all. Across the board, Young Living does point out which oils are Biblical. They also point out which ones are historical. (I have the books from both Young Living and DoTerra- though neither book is directly associated with the oil company, which annoys me.) Young Living does have more “woo” factor in their descriptions of oils. I actually like that about them, because they acknowledge that the oils can be of spiritual benefit and not just limited to physical benefits. (I haven’t looked through the DoTerra catalogue in some time, so they could point out similar things and I just don’t remember them.) I was really just intending to point out that I didn’t even consider applying oils with prayer until the YL rep said it to me. It didn’t cross my mind, and it certainly changed the way we use oils in our family. Young Living is not, to my knowledge, expressly Christian. You could likely find a Christian group within any company you choose. And you can apply the principle of applying oils with prayer to any oil you choose to buy for your family- no matter the brand.

      1. Please tell me the names of the books you’re referring to when you say “I have the books from both Young Living and DoTerra- though neither book is directly associated with the oil company….”. I’d like to take a look at one of them.

  3. Kimi- I have not tried those companies yet. I continue to order monthly from YL, but have been ordering a few base oils from other companies recently, too- mostly to compare quality and price. I tried Plant Therapy for the first time this month. Their oils are significantly cheaper, and they have a few that YL and DT do not offer. Price is much cheaper from Plant Therapy. And it isn’t MLM. (Having been involved in a few MLMs, I am not exactly a fan of them. However, I buy from them when I can find no better solutions.) The quality of the Plant Therapy oils was not quite as good as YL or DT. I do find I need more oil than I need with YL oils. PT also says not to ingest their oils. (Ingesting oils is controversial, so I am not necessarily put off by that. And there are plenty of oils I would just never dream of ingesting.) YL has a huge problem with stock. Their more popular oils are frequently out of stock, then when they come back in stock, there is this huge push to buy all the oil, and it’ll be out of stock again quickly. PT had the oils in stock that I needed that YL has been out of for months. The quality of PT was much better than Now or Aura Cacia oils, but not quite YL or DT quality. But them having it in stock for a fraction of the price definitely made it worth it for me. My order came quickly and I was pretty happy with it. (I’m currently making notes on all the oils I am trying to make a blog post about soon.) So, that is another option that is particularly good for those averse to MLMs. I have heard of Native American Nutritionals and will be giving them a try in the coming months.

    1. please give Eden’s garden a try! I have been ordering alot from them and it is bang for your buck and u get to choose your own oils as a gift. So far they have worked fantastic for me! The four thieves is very similar to YL than the native american nutritionals. When you do try Eden’s garden please get back to me here as I would love to hear what you think. =D

  4. Just now sticking my pinky toes into EO’s, so thank you for all the info. Glad to hear it from a non-biased source. 🙂

    I’d like to know what you think of Eden’s Garden as well. I just got my first two bottles from them today. Hoping I can persuade the hubby to try more in the future.

  5. Doterra is Christ centered. We don’t preach it because some don’t believe it. I personally believe plants are gifts from God for our healing. I think your YL person was super religious and wanted to share that while your DT person didn’t. It’s all a matter of how it’s presented. I used to use YL and will never go back. Lots of YL people were nasty to me. 😦

    1. YL is christ centered too. I think it is all about personal pref and personally I haven’t worked my way up to DT and YL yet but EG has won me over thus far! Elizabethm my husband believes in EO’s too and he loves EG but I mainly diffuse alot.

  6. We chose Young Living Essential Oils, knowing not all people or companies are perfect. We are Conservative Christians and Conservative Fiscally. Also, we home school and eat well (no whites, few carbs, colorings, preservatives, or nitrates… few cans or boxes). A little of us. (We are troubled by some of the spirituality that seems inherent in all oil companies.)

    Questions about other companies: do they own their own farms; can you visit their farms, distilleries, offices; do they test for and harvest at peak harvest time; do they not use solvents in their distillation process; do they discard or sell substandard oils; do they bottle their own oils; and are they third party tested? (Yes, we run out at times. 100% pure is a demanding requirement in a growing business.)

    The answer is “Yes” for YL. And, even if you don’t want to, you can ingest most of their oils because they are so pure. Cheap is cheap. We avoid cheap platitudes, cheap food, and cheap oils.

    Lindsey Jane’s number is 1650325. You would do your family well to order a Premium Starter Kit and experience the amazing world of essential oils if you are considering it at all. Go to https://www.youngliving.com/signup/?isoCountryCode=US&isoLanguageCode=en&type=DISTRIBUTOR and put her number in both places.

    Oh, and, yes, it is an MLM. My wife had to sell me on that. We have not paid for our oils in months, have an “accidental paycheck,” and have seen friends health and wellness improve over the last year.

    1. I still haven’t tried YL or DT. What do you mean by cheap is cheap ? Eden’s garden is cheap but their organic line is superb quality. They can even confirm a certificate for verification. Have you compared to other companies non-MLM? I have ingested EG’s Peppermint (organic) into my hot chocolate and it is pretty good compared to others I have tried.

  7. I am an EO newbie! I purchased 8 oils from my local health food store after attending a DoTerra workshop and nearly gagging at the price! I then found these oils (Now – lemon, orange, cinnamon, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, fir and frankincense) in larger bottles for 1/3 the price at my local health food store. I’ve diffused them and used them topically with FCO for the last few months but after reading this I’m questioning their effectiveness. Have you used Now specifically? What makes YL or DoTerra better than health food store oils if they are both “100% pure?”

    1. I have tried the NOW oils. I find that with those and Aura Cacia, I end up needing a lot more oil than with the higher quality brands. So, say I have a cold and I am wanting some eucalyptus in the shower to help. With NOW, I’ll be using about 15 drops. With DoTerra or Young Living, I’ll be using 2 or 3. With Plant Therapy, I’ll be using 6 or 7. The difference in quality is really noticeable. So, I might pay 1/3 of the price, but I am using so much more each time I use it that the cheaper bottle won’t last nearly as long.

    2. I think some of the quality issues come from the plant material used and if you’re getting first, second, third, or fourth steam. I don’t know all the complexities of essential oil production, but there are many factors that come into play from the plants themselves and how they are grown and what quality they are to the distillation process.
      With both Young Living and DoTerra, you are paying a MLM mark up price. Everyone down the line has to get paid. But buying from your local health food store also comes with mark ups. If you want a higher quality at a wholesale price, you could check out Liberty Naturals. The bottles aren’t fancy. You buy your own droppers and reducers and such. But the oil quality is really, really good and the prices are really, really low.

      1. Also per FDA regulations a bottle of “therapeutic” grade oil only has to have 5% pure oil to be able to be labeled as 100% therapeutic grade. YL is 100% essential oils only. No “other” additives are in the YL oils.

    3. Michele, I have used some at my nutrition store but they were diff brands and I thought they were good until I got my hands on Eden’s Garden. I don’t like NOW brands at all and NEVER get brand store EOs…they have chemical fillers! My husband applied tea tree from walgreens and when he picked up my daughter she had severe hives and broke out everywhere! It took 3 days for it to completely go away but it was scary nontheless. Just becareful. She has never broke out with any oils from Edens garden nor some that are in the health store. I don’t have to worry about transferring anything and they love smelling the diffuser =)
      I haven’t tried plant therapy but Native American Nutritionals are good as well. I just stick to Eden’s because I get more bang for my buck and they are so effective. Good luck in your search and if you do try anything good then please do share.

  8. 3 Christmas’ ago, I started making DIY sugar scrubs for family & friend gifts. I used organic/raw materials and a few drops of EO (for scent) from the local health store. I was very happy with my DIY gifts and felt that I was ‘looking out’ for those receiving them because of the materials I chose. Last year I was introduced to DT (invited to a party) and YL (a friend gave me a sample). After educating myself on the distillation process and EO quality grades, I decided that the EO in my DIY was disappointing at best. I learned that any company can label their EO as ‘Pure’ with a very small amount of pure oil needed to pass that label standard. So I started to dig a little deeper into both companies. I ultimately chose YL for several personal reasons. Now, I use my oils confidently…diffused, topically and internally. Honestly, I did NOT want to get into the MLM business side of YL but now enjoy free oils and compensation checks strictly because I share samples and educational opportunities. I would suggest to anyone interested in essential oils to do your research, visit the farms and call customer services. Educate yourself and then make a decision based on your own expectations.

  9. Hi, thank you for sharing. A friend of mine has mentioned that she feels that YL oils are about 2 grades better than doTERRA. I am just beginning to explore EO … are you still using YL oils?
    Have you tried other brands of EO? I have come across some brands that has similar blends like YL and doTERRA and am wondering if they are any good.

    1. I do still use Young Living and on occasion DoTerra. I’ve also been exploring other non-MLM options. I don’t think YL are better quality than DT- but there are a lot more options.
      As far as other brands- Plant Therapy oils are good, but I don’t see the same quality in them. They are okay, but take twice as much oil to get the same effects.
      I recently tried Eden’s Garden and have been pleased with those. They seem a little better in terms of quality than Plant Therapy. I’d say they require a drop or two more than YL or DT- but they are very comparable.
      Liberty Natural has the best quality oils. I find them often better than DT or YL. However, they are a bulk company, so there is a minimum order and there are no blends. You have to blend them yourself. They also don’t come in dropper style bottles, so you have to purchase either new bottles or a drip top or dropper top for the bottles. However, they are a lot cheaper and the quality is really great.
      I’ve also tried a few brands on Amazon, but they are seemingly perfume grade. They aren’t good quality at all.

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