Announcing “Frankie”

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We are expecting! Again. It is exciting for us, even if you “knew this was coming” or are kind of over the every other year announcement. We’re having number 6. The Pastor, the kids, and I are all excited. (I think the kids are the most excited!) This birth brings with it some big changes. For one, we have to buy a new vehicle. Goodbye minivan, hello church bus.

After much deliberation and prayer, we have decided to go for our second home birth. Of course, the only “problem” with this plan is paying for it. With buying a new vehicle to fit cute little number six, we know our funds will be very limited. So, we’ve decided to go out on a limb, a leap of faith, and ask our family and friends to help us out with the birth costs. We have never done anything like this before. But it occurred to us that people don’t know what we need unless we tell them. And our great need for this pregnancy is money to fund the medical expenses. – This is a link to a newly set up GoFundMe site for us. Since I am asking for your help, I’ll be glad to tell you how the $4,000 breaks down.

$2800 for prenatal care and delivery expenses to our home birth midwives.

$180 for an ultrasound and consult with a perinatologist who will provide back up care should I need to transfer into the hospital.

$750 for doula fees.

$120 for newborn exam and tests after the birth.

$150 for lab work throughout the pregnancy. (Likely, this won’t be enough to cover it all, but I wanted to make the number nice and even.)

So, if you are wanting to help us out, head on over to the GoFundMe site. Of course, we’ll take money sent directly to us, but I won’t be giving you my home address on the blog. We are really trusting that God will provide through His people. We’re stepping out on faith to see that happen. Follow along here and on the GoFundMe to see the progress. What we’re asking is nothing short of a miracle.

3 Replies to “Announcing “Frankie””

  1. Hooray! Number six is a good call. 😉 We bought a GMC Safari for $3000 for our “upgrade.” We’re in the middle of trying to sell our house and consequently buy a new one, so we didn’t think it was the time to be buying a “real” van. Hopefully this one will cover us for two years then maybe we will be ready for the Econoline and number 7. Also, I think Samaritan is $3600 for two years of coverage. So it totally pays for itself when you’re popping kids out every two years. Like a MACHINE. 🙂

    1. We had Samaritan for our lat birth. But somehow after a year of paying them, they somehow didn’t have us in the system. They ended up not reimbursing us for the birth. It took about 6 months of weekly phone calls to get them to reimburse us what we paid in. I think we joined at a bad time or something. It was right at the beginning of the ObamaCare craziness and we somehow got lost in all that. Which was a complete bummer because we were so excited about the program.

      1. That’s too bad. We switched to Samaritan because we had a similar experience with insurance. Only it was our own fault. Our maternity coverage turned out to be only for emergency C-sections. Not. Very. Useful.

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