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Father’s Day 2016 Gift Guide

Though I really do feel the same way about Father’s Day as I do about Mother’s Day, I’ve got a gift guide for you to help take the pressure off.

This turntable would make an epic gift. It kind of says “you’re old” but more than that, it says, “I think you are a hip guy with super great taste in music.”

Want to go a little more high tech? Get him an Amazon Tap! His own personal, portable version of Alexa. Stream music, news, audible books, and radio through this nifty little speaker device. Works through Wi-Fi or your phone’s Bluetooth for connectivity anywhere you are that your phone or internet works. This gift says, “I think you are a super cool guy.”

Grab him a little personal grooming tool. While super practical, this gift says, “I think you need to trim your nose hair.” And, well, some people need to be told that, I suppose.

This Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit is perfect for the hairier Dads out there. It says, “Awesome beard, dude! You’re so manly!” Because beauty products for facial hair is super manly.

Get him a ukulele starter set! This gift says, “I respect your dreams to be a rock star but write the kid some lullabies first.”

A portable hammock is a great gift. It says, “I know you’re a fun loving guy who needs to kick back and relax now and then.” It also says you think he is hip and active, even though you bought him the laziest gift imaginable, which he will really enjoy.

Nothing says adulting like a letter opener. But with this letter opener, you can be a happy adult. This gift says, “You are more than a man in a cubicle. You’re cool and fun.”


At some point every dad needs a dad t-shirt. It is just something that has to go down. Just know, he likely won’t actually wear it, but he’ll appreciate the sentiment. It says, “Yep. You’re a dad. A dad we like, but yeah, this is what it is now.”


You can also go with the old cliché tie for a Father’s Day gift. The joke is so old that it is now fun to go with the classic tie. It says, “I know you have a sense of humor, but also, great fashion sense.”


And last, but certainly not least, the Bigfoot Lawn Gnome Wrecker garden statue is just, well, perfect for anyone. When in doubt, go with Bigfoot and Lawn Gnomes. Definitely a winner.

This post does contain affiliate links! Please use them. If you’re still looking for gift ideas, check out the Facebook page for more gift ideas.


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