I Tried Aldi

So many people have told me about the life changing magic that is shopping at Aldi. I have read forum posts in praise of the grocery store chain. I see Pins about the magical budget solution Aldi is. Friends have been aghast that I have never stepped foot inside the place. So, I finally took the plunge. With so many various people telling me about the glory of the store, it was time.
Imogene and I grabbed a quarter and headed to our local Aldi. First, they told me I needed a quarter for the buggy. They told me I would get it back. They did not tell me how to use this magic buggy. It took us a minute or two to figure out where to put the quarter. But we finally figured it out. No thanks to the 3 people than angrily huffed around us getting their own buggies and not letting us in on the secret quarter spot.
We walk toward the door, which is laid out completely backwards. The entrance is on the left, the exit on the right. That isn’t how this works. That is just anarchy. It was maddening to walk through the WRONG right way in. (Have I mentioned I have been diagnosed with mild OCD? I took my therapist’s advice and just made myself do it, despite my discomfort. “Live with the discomfort,” she tells me. And I did. Very much discomfort.)
Entering, it appears they are trying to have an IKEA type system here. All traffic flow moving one direction. No going back. Only this first section looks like a walk through a typical convenience store. Off brand chips and pretzels. Not at all what I am there for. And none are a seemingly good deal.
We get to the dairy case where people have raved about milk and egg prices. I was not at all impressed. $0.10 a gallon cheaper for milk than my beloved Kroger. The doors lead to some abyss that is their dairy cooler. I’m pretty sure the way things are just thrown and stacked around isn’t up to code. I wonder if grocery stores have health inspectors. I worked at a grocery store, you’d think I would know this information. My giant pregnant self has to try to move a cardboard pallet that has a couple squashed and leaking gallons of milk left on it to try to get to the new pallet underneath. The milk on the full pallet barely looks better. But I am squatting and leaning into a grocery cooler and am starting to loose feeling in my toes, so I grab a couple of smashed up gallons and hope for the best. I go to check the eggs. They are the same price as Kroger, but I am here, so I might as well buy these. All smashed. Like someone dropped a milk pallet on top of the eggs this morning smashed. No eggs it is.
We move on to the produce. We’ve heard about the wonderful prices. I supposed paying $0.11 per pound of bananas sounds fabulous, but very few of the bananas appear edible. Every single bag of clementines contains at least one molded clementine. Every single bag of potatoes contains at least one very rotten potato. (Super pregnant nose knows.) The prices are actually higher than Sprouts, but the food is almost inedible. Why pay ANY money for mushy onions?
We scan the canned goods. Dented cans. Prices the same or higher than Kroger. At this point, we decide to just pay for our milk and leave. The store is dirty, poorly organized, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get tetanus from the shelving. We escape before the zombies break out of the back room.
Aldi’s was straight up terrible. It reminded me of the tiny grocery store we had in rural Mississippi, only, if everyone had left the store unattended for a week. The Dollar Store is a better shopping experience, guys. I was told to expect Trader Joe’s. It was nothing like Trader Joe’s. It was like shopping at Mud Tavern grocery, which was located in a single wide trailer. It was super depressing. I asked Imogene her thoughts after. She said she felt like everything was falling in on her and she was sure this was the place of her burial.
So, there. I tried it. I hated it. I won’t be going back. But let me know, is your Aldi this terrible? And if so, how do they even stay in business? But hey, we did return our cart and get that quarter back.

9 Replies to “I Tried Aldi”

  1. Your Aldi must be one of the crappy ones I experienced years ago in Arkansas. My local Aldi is wonderful and in Georgia. About the doors…a lot of places have doors where you enter on the left and exit on the right; I think the Aldi entrance seems weird because the carts aren’t on the left (you have to dodge people coming out with your newly rented cart). Try another Aldi…maybe in Georgia!

      1. Sometimes I think Hwy 41 is the place that order forgot. I felt this way about the Bargain Hunt over there. I have been to 3 Aldi’s in Cherokee County and none are like this. Mine in Canton is less than 2 years old though.

      2. Yes and the one here in ft dodge is clean and not like the one u experienced. I’ve been in one in Florida too. Both clean and neat stores. Sounds like a crappy store. Oh and by the way my wal mart has entrance on the left and exit in the right. It kind of felt backwards too. But aldis kind of reminds me of sav a lots. Same concept. One way shopping.

  2. I 100% agree with everything. White labeled, off brand chips and cookies are the first 1/3 of the store you have to go through to see the rest of the store. Produce was terrible. Meat and dairy I didn’t trust. Was so disappointed and a little creeped out actually. The Aldi in Huntsville is the only one I’ve been to but yours sounds on par with mine. I’ll stick to Kroge and Publix.

  3. This is EXACTLY the experience I’ve had at two separate Aldi stores, they had nothing I’d really typically buy, and the few things they did have, were the same price as Walmart (cheaper than Kroger).

  4. I’ve heard that is the worst aldis in this area. I tried that one and haven’t been back because of how horrible it was. I think I might try another one just to see.

  5. This is so sad! My local Aldi in MO is amazing!! Always stocked, clean, organized, delicious food and always cheaper prices than the other local grocery stores. I couldn’t shop and keep in my budget anywhere else except Aldi. So sorry for this terrible experience– I’m sure the Aldi corporation would like to know about the bad experience so they could take change things in this store.

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