Pregnancy Favorites

Yes, we’re expecting again! It may be no surprise to anyone by now, but we’re excited to be welcoming a baby girl sometime next May. I’m pretty surprised to find out we’re having another girl. If you don’t know, our oldest is a girl, and then we had five boys. Baby seven was a surprise girl. And now baby eight is also a girl! The ladies are catching up. Being pregnant that many times, I definitely have my pregnancy favorites and I figured I’d share.

We’ll start with jeans. It can be VERY difficult to find pregnancy jeans. Let me just tell you, overbelly might seem ridiculous when you’re four months pregnant with your first belly, but they are all that will fit in month nine.

My favorite maternity jeans are the Levi Gold Label Jeans. The small, medium, large sizing might be a bit confusing, but they are true to size if you use the size chart. Always go bigger when in doubt. (Your nine month pregnant self will thank you.)

My runner up jeans are the Indigo Blue Secret Fit Belly jeans from Motherhood Maternity. The belly portion is super comfortable, but it doesn’t hold up very well over time. They’ll last a single pregnancy comfortably, and then you’ll likely have holes in the belly portion by the next baby.

My least favorite jeans are Old Navy maternity jeans. The spandex in the jean fabric just gives out too easily and after one pregnancy the denim portion is all stretched and weird looking.

Maternity underwear are difficult to find. You may have luck just getting your normal undies in a bigger size. You may not find you need anything different, depending on the style you wear.

I love these Gratlin Over Belly Maternity Underwear. They offer belly support and smoothing, but not so much it is uncomfortable. They look seamless under clothes, even those form fitting maternity dresses. They are super stretchy and feel really comfortable. Even if you only grab one pair to wear under *that* dress, definitely try them!

There is forever the question of the maternity pillow. Do you have to have one? No. But you’ll end up with about 10 regular pillows trying to make up for not having one. I have two that I like.

The Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow is a small pillow that only goes between your thighs and a tiny bit under your belly. This is a good pillow if you are short or if you just want a little support. I also really like this pillow postpartum because my hips are still sore, and it supports them without being in the way of feeding the baby at all.

If you want full body comfort, the Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow is the way to go. It is huge and takes up the space of another person in the bed, but it is comfort to the extreme. You may be wondering why you need a pillow behind you when sleeping. Around month eight, you’ll realize why.

How to combat the pregnancy nausea? For me, upping my protein intake is the first way to decrease the all day sickness. If I can’t stand the thought of eating meat, hemp protein powder is the way to go. I specifically like the chocolate flavor. I mix it in the blender with ice, milk, and a couple coffee beans. It is delicious and easy on the stomach.

Ginger Chews are my second way to stave off nausea. Not only do they help with the blood sugar dropping that causes nausea, but the ginger helps soothe the stomach. I specifically love the Ginger People brand of ginger chews. If I can’t find the Ginger People, I go for Reed’s.

I’ve also had luck in a few pregnancies with using Sea Bands to combat nause. They are definitely worth trying to see if they’ll work for you since they are inexpensive and pretty much side effect free.

If all else fails, grab some Unisom and B6 and take it around the clock. Yes, you will sleep most of the time, but you won’t be throwing up. It definitely got me through my worst morning sickness pregnancy. Definitely check with your doctor. There is also a prescription version available that is time released, so you may want to ask about it.

It can be hard to find that perfect pregnancy dress that is effortless, comfortable, and cute. Definitely check out Amazon, and don’t limit yourself to the maternity section. Usually the reviews will tell you if a dress is good for maternity or not. There are so many cute and afforable dresses on Amazon, check them out.

My current favorite is this faux wrap maternity dress from Mother Bee. It is pretty, but feel like I’m wearing pajamas. It isn’t tight or binding anywhere. They also have a short sleeve version, which I rock in the winter with a cardigan. I do kind of wish I had sized up instead of buying my regular size simply because the sleeves would have been looser. (They aren’t tight, they just fit like a fitted t-shirt.) These wrap top dresses are also super handy postpartum for breastfeeding.

If you’re looking for something more form fitting, but also comfortable, try this one by Maternity Bee. Or this one from Hello Miz. Or this one by My Bump.

During pregnancy, you’ll likely outgrow your bras and want something more comfortable. Go ahead and buy nursing bras. Not only are they comfortable, they’ll be useful once the baby is born.

The Bravado nursing bras are my favorites. They are comfortable, but hold well.

If you’re looking for bargain bras that are similar, try the GXXGE version.

These Caramel Cantina nursing bras are excellent for sleeping. Just make sure to size up if in doubt.

You’re not going to avoid stretch marks by using a specific cream. It is more about genetics and individual skin characteristics and not about some magic cream. However, the skin on the belly does get really uncomfortable during pregnancy and belly cream can help sooth the itching and stetching feeling.

Palmer’s Coca Butter is the original and the go-to for most moms. It feels nice on the skin, but the smell bothered me personally.

I really like the Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve. It is natural, cruelty-free, and the smell didn’t bother me. I also liked the Burt’s Bee belly cream before they changed the formula.

Y’all know this is hard for me to narrow down. I have a couple shelves full of pregnancy and birth books. I’m just going to give you a short list of my favorites.

Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth

The Natural Pregnancy Book

Holy Labor

If you need a pregnancy support belt, I prefer this style. It offers enough support, but without feeling restricting. Definitely wear over a layer of clothes.

You may want a Belly Band. I used it with my first pregnancies pretty often, but not so much for later pregnancies. I just opted to break out my maternity clothes a lot sooner.

Postpartum, you may wand to use a belly binder. It helps hold your insides in and keeps your from feeling like you’re jello in the middle. I prefer the Bamboo Belly Bandit. It is the most comfortable, for me, and I felt like it helped hold everything together well. Note that your insurance may cover a postpartum binder from the hospital. Their version isn’t as nice and comfortable, but it does the job and it’ll save you money.

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