ScentBird Review

I’ve been trying out quite a few new things to review for you guys. Today, we’re talking about the company ScentBird. You’ve probably seen ads on your social media for them.

If you don’t know what ScentBird is, I’ll fill you in. It is a perfume (or cologne) subscription service. They have all manner of other products these days you can choose from, as well, but I used it solely for fragrance, since that is what the heart of the company is.

You choose a plan for 1-3 fragrances a month for the price of $14.95 to $34.98 each month. Each fragrance “sample” is actually pretty large. They’re close to the size of a roll-on perfume, but they’re a spray! Each bottle contains about 120 sprays of perfume. They consider that a month of perfume, but it is, in fact, a lot of perfume! It is much bigger than the big sample bottles. These bottles are 8ml. The largest sample perfume I have is 2ml. So, you are getting a decent amount of product. Now, they sent me a fancy case that you can change out the scent in when I signed up. You can add more of them as you desire. But each scent regularly comes in a white paper tube thing with a lid. I like that. I write the name of the perfume in sharpie on that tube so I can easily find them in my drawer.

The basic premise is that you can try a perfume for a month to see if you like it. This is excellent for anyone who just doesn’t quite know what they like. It is also good for people who want to change it up often or who want a variety of scents to choose from each day without buying a dozen perfumes.

Now, this is where I think their model falls apart. Once I find a perfume I love and want to commit to in a bigger bottle, ScentBird doesn’t sell that. They only sell the sample sizes. So, I have to go find this perfume only to realize that not all the perfumes they carry are available to buy in the US. (Big bummer.) So, it doesn’t really help you find your perfect scent if they aren’t helping you acquire your perfect scent. As a business model, it is designed to become obsolete– only they don’t really expect you to find what you’re looking for. They expect that you’ll want to go on sampling forever. Only, no repeat sampling!

They have a huge range of scents! I could probably make a queue that would last me several years. Some of their scents are “premium” and cost an extra $5. I haven’t found much of a rhyme or reason for the extra charge. Some very expensive perfumes are on the regular list and some that aren’t so expensive are on the premium list. They say there are premium products that might be up to $15 more, but I’ve only come across the $5 upcharges.

Their billing is a little crazy. They’ll bill at the very beginning of the month and will not ship until the end of the month. I had one month come at the beginning of the next month, just a day before I was charged again for the next perfume on my queue. Their shipping seems to be very slow. I will say that each perfume is packaged well, though.

You can skip months easily or cancel. If you cancel, they’ll start offering you the moon to stay. They’ll throw in another free holder and possibly a free perfume if you’ll just sign up again. Once you rejoin, your queue awaits you. It doesn’t disappear. So you can get a month, cancel, sign back up when you’re ready for more. It was easy to cancel.

The app is easy to use. You can add to your queue, cancel, skip, and review from the app. You can do all those things from the website, as well.

All in all, it is a service I enjoyed. I don’t think I can take getting perfume every month because it quickly becomes too much. But I like the concept. It is also appealing that if I don’t like a scent, I can just pass it on to a friend without being out lots of money. I think a ScentBird subscription would also make a great gift. You can give the gift of ScentBird and let the recipient choose their own scents through the year.

I really do wish I could get Hollyrose by Room 1015, though. That perfume was my jam. And to all of you thinking I smelled like a grandma last month, you’re welcome. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m now rationing out the last of it. And moving on to this month’s Wild Poppy, which isn’t nearly as good.

Also, if you’re not a perfume person, maybe you should rethink your position. Perfume always fits. And some of it is awful. But some of it is awesome. And sometimes you get compliments on how you smell. And sometimes people are nicer because you smell nice. And some people still don’t like perfume and that is okay.

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