The Man with a Cross in the Sky

Several years ago, our family was coming home one evening during Advent. While driving home, we looked up and saw the most impossible sight. There was a cross shining miles away, high in the sky. We were perplexed. We considered all the ways this could be. We altered our evening plans and decided, on a whim, to follow that cross. We wanted to know where it was coming from and how it was up there. Feeling like the magi, we drove through neighborhoods in the dark trying to find the source of the impossible cross. 

We finally found the location of the cross, but it was still impossible. We got out of the car to stand in awe of this glowing cross impossibly high in the sky. While The Pastor and I tried to figure out if it would be possible with a drone, the kids simply asserted it was a miracle. 

Today, years later, we found out the mystery of that cross. And I can assert that it is a miracle. The cross was put there by a man named James Phillips, known to his neighbors as Jim. Jim put the cross in the sky using an LED light, a weather balloon, and an extremely long cord (one neighbor said is was 1200 feet). That doesn’t sound very miraculous, but that part comes next. 

Jim was a science teacher. He wrote a book called My Father’s Workshop (which is available on Amazon—I purchased it this morning.). He was offered a job at a college out of state. He sold his house and moved. The college provided his housing. Then, the pandemic hit, and the college cancelled his contract, leaving Jim without both a job and a home. Jim moved back to our area and has been staying in a hotel. By Christmas Eve, Jim’s resources would run out, leaving him homeless. 

Four days ago, a man was musing about the cross he used to see in the sky and wondered where it was. He got on Next-door and asked where the guy with the cross had moved to, thinking he’d like to drive to see the cross in the sky. Neighbors began asking around, found Jim, and learned of his circumstances. A neighbor immediately set up a GoFundMe so they could pool resources and care for Jim. That, my friends, is a miracle. 

It is a miracle that something Jim decided to do years ago was the answer to his prayers today. Jim certainly didn’t know when he was coming up with his idea to put a cross impossibly high in the sky that this would someday be what helped him in homelessness. 

It is a miracle that some man just happened to think about that cross years later and decide that it was important enough to find it again. It is a miracle that any of Jim’s neighbors knew him well enough to be able to get in touch with him again.

If you want to help Jim, the man who put a cross in the sky, you can give to his GoFundMe. You can also check out his book. I don’t know Jim. I’ve never met him. But I did see the cross. And I did follow it. And I am happy to help Jim out in his time of need. 

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