Godbold Academy: Medieval History

This school year, we’ll have 6 students, plus a preschooler and a baby. I arrange my kids’ education so that they are all in the same time period and the same science subject each year. This allows us to do more exploring and learning as a family. It allows the kids the opportunity to share what they’re learning with one another in much more meaningful ways.

We also approach history chronologically. This gives us the story of how events unfold and not just viewing the event in isolation. We do a four year cycle, so by the time the kids graduate, they’ve been through the entire story of history three times. The first time, they’re just exposed to the story. This occurs from about 1st -4th grade. The second time, they dig a little deeper during 5th-8th grade. Then even more in depth 9th-12th grade.

This year, our science subject is biology. So, all the kids will be doing biology, though it will be at different levels. The older kids will be doing experiments that they can then show and explain to the younger kids.

Find the Morning Basket plans here.

Find the Grammar Stage plans here.

Find the Logic Stage plans here.

Find the Rhetoric Stage plans here.

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