Best Online Boutiques

I don’t have time to shop in stores. Even if I did have time, I really just don’t like it. Online boutiques are the easiest way for me to shop and avoid the mall. So I can look like I have it together a little bit, even when I won’t leave my house to do so. I can also curate my wardrobe as I go and not feel like I’ve got to buy everything I need right now. I can grab a sweater here, a pair of jeans there, and not have this massive shopping trip experience. I’ve got the five best online boutiques (clearly in my opinion) for you to check out.

Discount Divas boutique is the clear winner. This boutique ships out of Madison, Alabama. They have the best selection, best prices, and FREE SHIPPING! Free shipping all the time on everything no matter how large or small your order is. Their style choices are always a winner for mom life. Dresses, jeans, sweaters– there are always plenty of options that fit my style. You can download their app in the App Store for super easy shopping or use the website. They have fit videos for every item so you can see on a real person how the item fits. They also gives lots of info on the models and have models of various sizes. If you’re a new customer, use my code Notes20ref for 20% off your first order! (I do get store credit when people use my code.) (Also, not sure how long this code will be active, so use it while you can.) Their shipping is also the fastest of any of the boutiques. In busy times, it may take a week. But sometimes I get my packages in 2 days! (And they have local pickup if you’re near them.) If I had to only pick one boutique to shop from, I’d pick Discount Divas. I also prefer their live sales to anyone else’s. Their sales staff are entertaining and answer the important questions about the clothes.

My second choice is ZigZag Stripe. They are an online boutique located in Arlington, Texas. They often have a more western vibe to the clothes. But they have a great selection, carry a wide range of sizes, and have free shipping. (Free shipping is a big deal to me, clearly.) They have models of a variety of sizes and shapes, so it is usually pretty easy to figure out sizing for particular items. They also have an app that you can find in the App Store or you can shop online. Keep an eye on their clearance section for some truly awesome deals! Their shipping is pretty fast. I usually have my items within a week.

My third boutique choice is Pretty Little Distraction in York, Nevada. Jessica has excellent taste in clothing and your wardrobe will be cute and classy if you follow her style. She doesn’t have quite as large of an inventory as DD or ZZS, but the items she does choose are all excellent. She just has herself as a model and doesn’t carry quite the large size range of the top two boutique options. But she does offer free shipping on every order and great prices. Pretty Little Distraction also has an app, which is super easy to shop from, or you can shop their website. Her shipping is also pretty fast. Usually I have my items in a week to a week and a half.

My fourth boutique choice is the Peach Pistol Boutique in Tallapoosa, Georgia. Again, great prices and free shipping. They have regular live sales where you can see how the items fit on a few models. They don’t have the size range of DD or ZZS. Their clothing is often more tailored to a younger crowd, so they do have fewer items for a typical Mom. But there are a few items regularly that I’ll like. They’d be a great option for shopping for your teenager, if your teenager isn’t into long dresses and skirts like mine is. (My teenage daughter loves ZigZag Stripe, for the curious.) Their shipping is pretty quick. I usually have my items within a week.

The fifth and final boutique I love is Carly Jeans Los Angeles. They only carry their own clothing brand, but their jeans are amazing. However, wait for a sale– they do have them regularly. This is also an excellent place to build a capsule wardrobe. Everything they make will go with almost everything they make. It is a great “no brainer” type of clothing shop. You can shop via their app or their website. This is the only boutique listed that does not have completely free shipping all the time. They do have free shipping over $100 and sometimes will have a sale that includes free shipping. Their clothing is great quality, though. A little pricier, but super high quality. Shipping time is usually a week to a week and a half.

Those are my top five picks. I’ve tried several others, but they don’t make the cut of top five.

Unicorn Tribe has cute clothes with a boho vibe, but I always choke on the shipping cost– especially since I can usually find the exact same items on Discount Divas or ZigZag Stripe. Their shipping usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Freckled Poppy carries the most denim, but again, the shipping and tax will add an extra $10 to whatever I’m buying. Their prices are also higher than Discount Divas or ZigZag Stripe and then I have to pay for shipping. Sometimes if they have a really good sale, the cost of shipping is still worth it. But not often. And their shipping is the slowest of any of the boutiques I have tried. Shipping times are usually 2-3 weeks minimum.

Nikkilynn Boutique is another one I have shopped with. They offer free shipping on full priced items only (this is a recent change). But shipping costs for sale items are reasonable. They just don’t have quite the selection of other boutiques and their style seems a little more scattered.

Inherit Clothing Company is a modesty based boutique in Morris, Minnesota. They have some lovely dresses and skirts. (My teenage daughter would love anything from them.) But they are on the pricy side and they don’t have free shipping. They don’t run very big sales, either. They don’t have much variety in the model sizing and only have select products in a wide size range.

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