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I’ve been tabbing Bibles left and right around the parsonage. And now that I’ve tried quite a few, I figured I’d review them for you and tell you which ones were best. These are in order of how much I personally liked them. I did not purchase every tab available. That’d be a lot. But I did purchase quite a few. (Bible pictured above is here. Mug is here.)

First up, Tabbies. These are the rainbow version. I got these from for $3.49 a pack.

These are peel and stick. They are easy to apply. They come with a little guide to line them up easily. I also really like that with the rainbow version, the different sections are different colors. These have been perfect for my younger kids learning the look up passages in the Bible because I can say, “Turn to Proverbs. That is the third yellow tab.” So easy. Plus, these are the cheapest tabs I tried and I really liked them. If you accidentally put one down in the wrong spot, you can move them provided you haven’t completely pressed it down yet. They do have a little clear sticker bit that goes over the edge of the writing and it is shiny so it can’t be written on. These are the smallest tabs I tried. For the price, the ease of application, and the durability– these were the best tabs. They aren’t as pretty, though. They do have other colors, but nothing super fancy. (This is the NIrV Adventures in Odyssey Bible.)

These were my favorite tabs. I know they aren’t at the top of the list, but that is only because they are a little pricier. I purchased these from Rosycheeks US on Etsy. I paid $24.44 including shipping. These are the Floral Bible Tabs in Turquoise. These are peel and stick tabs, but the paper is a matte sticker paper that feels like vellum. The front of the sticker has a clear portion that fits onto the page, while the back of the sticker stops at the tab portion. I slightly overlapped the tab onto the back of the page. These had no guide. They’re really large. Only 4 stickers fits down the length of my Bible. These are really easy to apply. If you mess up while putting it down, you can reposition it prior to fully pressing both sides down. They are very durable.

These are the prettiest and most legible tabs, as well. The turquoise color, which is more of a baby blue, looks great with my navy Bible. The books of the Bible are on the front and back of the tabs. These combine 1, 2, & 3 John. These are thin and don’t add bulk to your Bible. (This is the ESV Single-Column Heirloom Legacy Bible in blue goatskin leather.)

Next are these Bible Tabs from Find Wondrous Things. This is the Storm colorway. These are also peel and stick, but the paper is more of a matte sticker paper. These are the same format and paper as the Rosycheeks tabs. I also found that the colors were much more subdued than the images on the website. The rose gold looked metallic on the website, but in person it isn’t at all. (This is the ESV Personal Size Study Bible in black genuine leather. Mug is here.)

I paid $28.62 for these on their Etsy site including shipping. So they are on the pricier side. They come with no guide, so you either have to craft one yourself, eyeball it, or use a ruler. These have the book of the Bible on the front of the tab and a little quote about the book of the back of the tab. I like that little extra touch. These are also much larger tabs. They feel more durable, though if you stick it down wrong you can reposition it before you fully press it down. These were easy to apply. These feel like vellum. They have a larger sticker on the front side, with the back note fully covering on the page. I wasn’t sure if I would like this style, but it turned out to be one of my favorites. They’re pretty. I really love these. They aren’t thick where they alter the way your Bible closes. But they are durable. I do love these, too. They’re the same as the Rosycheeks tabs, just different colors. They’re not as vivid of a print as the Rosycheeks.

Both of these sets are from The Daily Grace Co. They were $5 a set on sale. (The normal price is $10 a set, but I feel like they always have a sale going.) This is the Floral set and the Crosses set. They are the thickest of the Bible tabs I tried. They have a heavy cardstock feel to them. The entire tab is this cardstock material. They also come with extra tabs for marking your favorite verses or other things you might want to mark. They even come with “Song of Songs” and “Song of Solomon” so you can use whichever your Bible version uses. These tabs are smaller than the others, a little larger than the Tabbies. This set has every single book of the Bible. These tabs are not laminated, so they will show wear pretty quickly. (These are both ESV Single-Column Journaling Bibles. The blue floral is here, the lions are here. The lion and the lamb cover is by Joshua Noom and is in their Artist Series line of Journaling Bibles.)

These were the most expensive tabs I tried. These are from Salt and Charm and were $30.94 including shipping. This is the Stay Here Forever colorway. It is a little difficult to describe how these tabs feels. They feel like cardstock that is folded over and covered with a clear plastic lamination sticker. The tab portion isn’t sticky. The front and back bottom portion that connects to the Bible page is sticky. These were not super difficult to apply. The cardstock/lamination was off in a few places on a few tabs. Nothing serious and nothing that would affect the use of the tab, but it is noticeable. They come stuck to folded up squares of sticker backing paper. And they are in order.

On these, the gold is actually foiled and metallic. Some of the fonts used are more legible than others. The book names are on both sides of the tabs. This set oddly combine 1 & 2 Thessalonians and 2&3 John. That just feels more awkward than combining 1, 2, & 3 John.

These tabs are thick. They feel very durable. But the thickness does alter the way you Bible closes and lays. It makes the outer edge noticeable thicker than the spine. If you’re Bible journaling, this likely won’t be a big deal because I find that my art journaling Bible tends to do that anyway. But in my study Bible, that is a bigger issue. So, I do like them, but they aren’t my favorite. (This is the ESV Women’s Study Bible in British Tan genuine leather.)

These are peel and stick Bible tabs from Beautiful Bible on Etsy. This is the Colorful Map version. I paid $20.36 including shipping for these tabs. These are just thin sticker paper. They did come with a guide, but it wasn’t as tall as my Bible, so I did have to do some maneuvering to use it. These came with every book of the Bible, plus some extra tabs you can write on to label your favorite verse or maps or whatever. They were a little tricky to apply because of how thin they were. Folding them over onto the page was a little tricky. You can see from the photos that they are often “off”. They are printed on the front of the tab only. They also don’t reposition well or at all, really. I did have one tab that had a cut through the front of the tab. I was still able to use the tab, but it didn’t look great. (You can see Galatians above.) These are not durable tabs. They are also pretty small. They are thin, but they are very flimsy matte paper. I do like the legibility of the print and I do like the map print. But these are not among my favorites and I would not purchase these again. (This is the CEB Wesley Study Bible. It is no longer available in this clothbound cover, but is available in a leather look version.)

This set is from Be Still Bible Journal. I paid $24.44 with shipping for this set through their Etsy shop. This is the Crimson Season set. This was, by far, the hardest set to apply. Each tab was completely cut out, so you had to fold the tab in half, then remove the sticker paper, and then apply it. These came with no guide. They also didn’t come in order. So there was just a pile of stickers to sort. I sorted them as I went, which may not have been the best solution. I maybe should have taken the time to put them all in order before beginning the application process. I did sort of toss them into smaller groups as I went. This set combines 1, 2, & 3 John and 1 & 2 Peter.

These are also made from very thin paper. They are like regular paper with a sticker backing. They are not going to hold up well at all. These are my least favorite tabs I tried. They’re hard to apply. They are super flimsy. They aren’t durable. And they’re expensive. The only thing they have going for them is that they are pretty and they are legible. (This is another ESV Single-Column Journaling Bible. This is the Ruth Chou Simons artist version.)

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