ESV Women’s Study Bible Review

Crossway sent me this beautiful Bible to review. I’m usually not a “women’s Bible” kind of gal (with the exception of the She Reads Truth Bible), so I was pretty surprised to love this study Bible. The ESV Women’s Study Bible comes in a slipcase box.

Can we start with this beautiful cover? It is absolutely magnificent. This is the Genuine Leather in British Tan. Crossway needs to make this a regular cover option. It is such a beautiful shade of brown. And it feels so nice. It is a luxurious Bible. There are a few other cover options, as well. You can get the leather-look deep brown, leather-look teal, teal cloth board (probably my second favorite option), and hardcover. It has gilded pages and spine. The artwork on the cover and throughout the Bible is the same as the ESV Illuminated Bible by artist Dana Tanamachi. It is simply gorgeous. It makes you want to spend time with this Bible.

The actual Bible pages are rather thin. I couldn’t find information on the actual paper, but it tends to stick together a little more than the ESV Study Bible paper. I tabbed this Bible (with Salt and Charm Bible tabs) and the pages were noticeably thinner and the gilding was a little stuck together. It wasn’t a big deal and fixes itself as you use the Bible. It also only has one ribbon bookmark, which is such a bummer. (A Bible should definitely have at least 4 ribbons, in my opinion.)

This is a double column styles with footnotes and additional devotional readings. These are not fluffy footnotes. These are good, scholarly footnotes. Each book of the Bible has an illustrated title page from the ESV Illuminated Bible. It also has a full book intro. It is like the ESV Illuminated Bible and the ESV Study Bible had a beautiful baby. The intros include maps, diagrams, key places and people, key themes, historical background and an outline. They are extremely helpful in your Bible study. It gives quite a bit of context to what you’re reading.

This Bible also includes gilded Bible artwork inside the Bible. These are from the ESV Illuminated Bible and are by artist Dana Tanamachi. They’re beautiful.

There is a hefty “Articles and Resources” section at the back of this Bible. It has a plan of salvation, articles about theological concepts, and more. The focus of this Bible, unlike other women’s Bibles, is not on motherhood. The focus is on God. The layout and theme just appeal more to women. There are articles about singleness, motherhood, raising children, adoption, caring for children with disabilities, eating disorders, and more. There really are articles that cover a variety of circumstances a woman may find herself in. There is also a reading plan, a glossary, a concordance, and some full color maps.

Now, I personally do prefer the ESV Personal Size Study Bible for my own personal Bible study. But this one is really great, too. It is really personal preference on if you want all the fancy gold and such or if you prefer a more simple Bible. The Personal Size Study Bible is also a bit more narrow and a bit thicker. I think my preference is one of size. This Bible is 6.25″x9″– which I kind of feel like is a standard sized Bible.

This is a lovely Bible. It would make a fantastic gift for you mom, wife, best friend, whomever. It is beautiful and has so many study helps.

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*** This Bible was sent to me free to review. I am not obligated to give it a favorable review and all opinions are my own.***

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