ESV Pocket Bible Review

The nice people over at Crossway sent me the tiniest little Bible to review. It is tiny! It is 3.5″ wide and 5.5″ tall and an inch thick! Tiny! I have the deep brown buffalo leather cover (more about that later), but it also comes in several TruTone covers (chestnut, black, and turquoise). This Bible is smaller than my hand! (And I have small hands!)

This is an entire Bible in your pocket! It isn’t just the New Testament, as many pocket style Bibles are. It contains the whole thing! And the font is surprisingly readable! Six-point font seems so small, but I have no problem reading the text. it is double column with no notes at all. The cleanness of the Bible lends to the readability of the small size. The paper is thin, but not so thin you see too much of the opposite side while reading. (There is a small amount of ghosting, but I find that true of all Bible paper.) This Bible has zero extras. Zero frills. Just the entire Bible in a small, readable size.

The buffalo leather cover is really something to write home about! In fact, it is probably my favorite feature of this tiny Bible. So while you could go with a cheaper TruTone cover, the buffalo leather is truly impressive. The edges are raw and the leather does have a slight embossed pattern. It isn’t floppy like real leather Bibles typically are because of the small size. But this buffalo leather is going to weather so beautifully. With a Bible you can slip into your blue jeans pocket, it’ll definitely get some wear and tear and this leather is only going to look better and better as that happens!

It has one single ribbon marker to mark your place. While I’m usually a fan of tons of ribbon markers in a Bible, the single marker is really all you could reasonably put into a Bible this small.

It does have a “presentation” page, so it would be great for a gift. And it comes (at least the buffalo leather version) in a small box. It is perfect for gifting!

This is a great Bible for pastors. It is small enough to tuck into a pocket for ministering on the go. Easy to take to the hospital, the jail, or just to someone’s home on visitation. I’m not sure they’d like preaching from this one, but it is great to have on hand for those “on the go” pastoral needs. It would also be a great Bible for counselors, lay ministers, chaplains– basically anyone ministering on the go.

I highly recommend this Bible! It isn’t flashy. There are no extras. It is just such a well made Bible at such a convenient size! And it is super affordable!

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