ESV Heirloom Bible, Heritage Edition– Review

I received this beautiful Bible to review from Crossway. This one only comes in black goatskin leather. Since it is the Heirloom line, it is quite a bit more expensive than other Bibles, but has some super nice touches that make it well worth the price.

This particular Heirloom Bible is a smaller size than the others in the line. It is 5.5″ x 8.25″ which makes it very close to being “personal” sized. A little more compact than a standard size, but not quite small enough to be a compact size.

The cover is goatskin leather. It is super soft and floppy right out of the box. The floppiness only increases as you use it. This one isn’t quite as plush feeling as the other Heirloom Bibles we’ve had. It is more of a slick, textured leather feel.

The paper on this Bible is super crisp. It is thin, but not that super thin “this is going to rip at any second” type of thin. It is also a very crisp white color with edges that are coppery gilded. (I’d say gold, but it has a definite red tint.) It has really high quality binding! And get this, these Heirloom Bibles come with a lifetime guarantee!

The layout is easy to read. Single column format with decent margins and line spacing make it easy to keep your place. It also has line matching from the left top right page. It reads very similarly to the Preaching Bible, but is a little smaller in size. This does not have red letters. There are small footnotes, but nothing extensive. This really doesn’t have many “extras”. No diagrams, study notes, cross references, glossary, concordance, etc. It does have some full-color maps in the back, a dedication page in the front, small marriage record (5) , small birth record (7), and small death record(7). But overall it is a very simple, easy to read Bible.

Of course, the best part of this Bible, like all the Heirloom Bibles, are the four ribbon markers! I think my ideal would be six ribbons, but only because I’m a little extra. Four ribbons allows you to mark the Old Testament, Psalms, Gospel, and New Testament Letters all at the same time. Such a great feature! All Bibles should have AT LEAST four ribbon markers.

This is an excellent Bible for anyone looking for a simple Bible that isn’t massive to last them a lifetime. This will be one you’d pass on to your grandkids. I’ve said it before, but anyone entering into ministry should be gifted one of these nice, lifetime legacy type Bibles for use during their entire ministry. It is so sad for a pastor to have his first preaching Bible fall apart and become unusable a decade into ministry. Investing in a Bible to last their whole ministry is such a thoughtful gift and testament to how far you think their ministry will go.

Do you need super expensive Bible? No. Absolutely not. Does this Bible have features and quality that make the price tag worth it? Absolutely.

*This Bible was given to me free for review. I am not obligated to review it favorably. All opinions are my own.*

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