What does The Pastor’s Wife Like?

The Pastor’s Wife likes unicorns (not the real life kind, the mythical kind), robots, giant squid, all things Narnian, vampires, zombies, monsters of all sorts, and words. She is a collector of strange kitchen tools and baking pans. She loves taking pictures and placing them in unique frames all around the parsonage. Lindsey loves books, books, and more books. (She also loves bookshelves to store said books.) If you see Lindsey out in public, say hello! (But don’t hug her, she isn’t that sort of girl.) She loves to crochet and put stickers in her planner. She is a lover of pens and paper. At a coffee shop, she’ll usually order whatever their special happens to be, but she love a cafe au lait or anything pumpkin spice. She also loves makeup and Youtube. Yes, those two things definitely go together.


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7 Replies to “What does The Pastor’s Wife Like?”

  1. Hello, I am a co-author of a recently released book, Walking with God Through Pregnancy and Childbirth: Stories of Faith. I would love to send you a copy, your choice of format, for a review, possible interview and or contest for your readers. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I know that you love books, so I was wondering if you would like a copy of my book, “Second Wind:The Resilience of Women.” It applauds the ability of women to bounce back from all types of adversity by retelling 12 stories of hope and inspiration. Emily’s self-respect was been beaten and battered by two abusive husbands. She had twin baby daughters, no job and no income. After running away from her second husband with only $500, Emily founded the anti-domestic violence organization that she leads today. Candace incurred traumatic brain injury from a biking accident, resulting in a coma. Doctors thought she wouldn’t live and, if she did, that she probably would never walk or talk again. Yet in the spring of 2011, she ran in the Boston Marathon. Other accounts describe stories of divorce, job loss and the passing of loved ones. Regardless of the tragedy, these women made it through with strength and fortitude.

    Proceeds are being donated to the anti-domestic violence organization referred to as Abigail’s Friends in the book and to the Penn Center for Brain Injury and Repair. After writing about these inspirational stories, I wanted to give to those being challenged. Both organizations are an integral part of stories included in Second Wind. For more information go to http://www.BethBrykman.com and click on “books.”

    Please consider reviewing “Second Wind.” Let me know what type of e-reader you have and I’ll e-mail you a copy of the book. Thanks for your consideration,
    Beth Brykman

  3. I came to your blog via a search on cleaning carpets with tea leaves (yes, I know, I still haven’t figured it out completely) and I just couldn’t tear myself away. It will sound a bit absurd (since you’re younger than I) but there’s something about you that reminds me very much of my mom. I imagine it’s a bit like finding out what she was like in her 20s. (Spoiler alert: awesome.)

    In any case and somewhat ironically, the tea leaf thing came about while I was reading “The Phoenix and the Magic Carpet,” a story I knew in my childhood and have recently found is posted in its entirety (and for free) online.

    Between the carpets, magical creatures, and love of books, I thought you might enjoy as well. http://www.literature.org/authors/nesbit-edith/the-phoenix-and-the-carpet/

    This is a lovely blog. Thanks for making it.

  4. I enjoy reading about your life and family. I love your children’s names. I am curious as to where you came up with the name Topher. I love it.

    1. Oh, funny you ask. Topher was named after a character on the TV show Dollhouse. It was an amazing show and the character, Topher Brink, was a memorable fellow. So, yes, I named my kid after a Joss Whedon character.
      Topher is a shortened form of Christopher. Some Christophers go by the shortened name Topher. Our Topher is just Topher, though. No Chris involved at all.

  5. Hi, I have a book, too, and would also love to send you one. It’s called 8 Days to Loving Yourself and it’s really different from others titled like it because it works. It chronicles my journey to love that I felt I was given by God. It’s short, 54 pages. If you are interested, shoot me an email and I’ll make sure you are gifted a copy. Thanks a bunch, and congrats on a super cool blog! Great work!

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