Here’s My Hooty

Hooter Hider I made a hooter hider this week. I must say, I am happy with the result. This being the first I’ve ever made, there are a few changes I will make next time. I love the fabric I picked out. It is very “me.” I even got The Pastor to try it out! Aidan was less than thrilled that his dad had him in a feeding position. If you are in need of a hooty,The Pastor Tries Out The Hooty let me know. I will make you one for cheap! If you want instructions on how to make your own hooter hider, Mavis can help you out! Her hooter hider tutorial will guide you through each step. Or you can just let someone else do the work for you.

Imogene’s Dresses

These are my first two dresses to sew for Imogene. I now knowgreen dress c blue bow patchwork jumper c pursevarious ways to improve each, so my next try with these two dresses will hopefully be much closer to perfect. I made a little matching purse for the multi-colored jumper. I was going to make a head kerchief to match, but The Pastor thinks head kerchiefs are silly. So, I went with a little purse since Imogene loves to carry bags around. The green dress could have been better. I bought better fabric and I am going to make the same dress again. Hopefully the new one will have more of a Wow! factor. I’m posting these pictures for Jessica, she wanted to see my latest creations.

Lettuce Make Some Lunch!!!

I’ll start by saying that I am very cautious about my food. If I have the slightlest hint that anything has gone bad or is on its way to bad, I will not eat it. I am not one for leftovers or potluck. So, today, I take the lettuce out of the fridge to make salads for lettuce bathlunch. The lettuce is less than a week old, but it is a wee bit droopy. Normally, I would throw the lettuce away. I really wanted a salad for lunch, though. I thought I remembered Rachel Ray once saying that a bath of ice water would perk saggy lettuce up. I figured it was worth a try! I placed my saggy, sad lettuce into an ice cold water bath. Viola! Perky lettuce fit to eat! I was very surprised it worked. It is a neat little trick to know.