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I have a confession. I feel like a traitor. Really. The Pastor bought me a Nook. Why does that make me feel like a traitor? Well, I am a hardcore Amazon girl. Really. It is quite sad, really. But when it came to buying an e-reader, I went back and forth, hemmed and hawed, until finally deciding to betray my book seller and buy a Nook. I feel bad. Really. But it couldn’t be helped. For one, the Nook was about $40 cheaper than the Kindle. Another perk to the Nook is the in-store help. I know I can walk into a Barnes and Noble and a person, a real person, will help me. The Nook also features an SD slot, so you can store unlimited numbers of books. (The built in memory will hold about 1500, and I doubt I’d ever go beyond that, but the SD slot makes me feel better about that.) Barnes and Noble has a lending feature with many of their ebooks. That means when I buy a book, I can lend it to a friend with a Nook for 14 days. Amazon just doesn’t do that. I feel a lot better having confessed that I, major supporter of Amazon, chose a Nook over a Kindle.