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Birthday Cake

Today marks 8 days since my first, and only, C-section. Lots of emotions in that sentence. 8 years later, I’m still mad about the whole thing. I have come to have a gratefulness about the whole situation, it lead me to where I am today and brought new friends into my life I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It opened my eyes. But it was still painful. And it still sucked. And it is that bring glaring example of how messed up our system really is. Doctors making decisions based on malpractice insurance coverage rather than individual patient care. Not that my doctor wouldn’t have done the same even if her insurance had let her. She wasn’t skilled in breech birth. We both knew that. So, maybe she put the blame on her malpractice insurance company when the reality was that it was a skill she didn’t possess. And few do- because no one is teaching them- because no one is doing them- because of those insurance companies. I really wish I had never been cut. But I was and that is my reality. I have a scar. I was left without choices. Funny how that “woman’s right to choose” bit only applies to whether you will or will not continue a pregnancy.

aidan 6


I let my kids pick their own cake each year. We don’t have birthday parties every year. But cake is a birthday necessity. I don’t care how much sugar, butter, lard, whatever is in there. On your birthday you get cake! Or pie. Whichever you’re into. So, I have one kid who wants grocery store cakes. Those super sugary, questionably decorated, cakes. Cookie cakes on occasion. The rest of my kids usually want mama made cake. Well, there was that one year one of them made me get a cake made with his picture on it of him as a zombie complete with frosting pumpkins- and his birthday is in July. You get looks at the store for that one. But usually, they want something homemade from mom. I am a decent baker. Terrible decorator, but decent baker.


Aidan and the cupcake

My new 8 year old poured over my cook books trying to find the perfect cake. He had plenty to choose from. I have quite the collection of cookbooks (I’ll post links below). Unlike his younger brother who simply requests banana cake every year, he is a little more adventurous. He wants a unique and fun cake each year. What does he choose? Grasshopper Cake.

mr. bean


So, here I sit, thinking about this day 8 years ago when I briefly considered just getting lunch instead of heading to the L&D unit for my C-section. Sitting here thinking about how unprepared we were for that outcome. Thinking about my little baby born and having to wait 5 days to hold him. Remembering the panic and fear and pain that came along with his birth. Sitting here now while he runs around the neighborhood with friends while I bake some weird mint cake thing because he thinks it is cool. Laughing at the memory of him being born male parts first, after I was 100% convinced I was having a girl. My second baby. My first son. Eight. Time has healed most wounds with the help of God and friends. I don’t feel forsaken like I did on this day eight years ago. Today, I feel blessed.

Aidan Butt Face


My Baking Cookbooks:

Baked (this is where the Grasshopper cake is from)

Sweet Chic

Bell’s Best

The Treat’s Truck Baking Book (this is where the favorite Banana Cake is from)

Milk & Cookies

Desserts in Jars

Splendid Spoonful

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New Year!

First, my apologies on my recent lack of blogging. My computer keeps eating my pictures and I hate blogging without pictures! I think my computer hates me. Or maybe I messed something up. Or maybe it is a conspiracy to keep me from blogging! Whatever the case may be, sorry guys.

Now, you’re confused. New year? Yep. New year for me! Today is my birthday. So, I’m entering a new year of my life. Last year wasn’t so bad. I had a baby. I read a lot of books. I got some new to me furniture. I hung out with my kids, who are pretty fun people to be around. Good year. Stressful, but good. I’m hoping this year will be awesome. I’ve got big plans. Lots of books to read. (And my mother and father in law so graciously gave me a gift card for such things on my Nook!) Lots of games to play with those awesome little people around here. Lots of firsts coming up for Mr. Ransom.

Speaking of the Professor, isn’t he just adorable? He looks a lot like Aidan to me, only blue eyed. He is fitting in quite nicely around here.

He looks like a little doll. So adorable. Of course, I am the slightest bit biased. I happen to think all my children are awesome and lovely.

Speaking of adorable, isn’t Emery handsome? He hit this terrible two phase a few months back. We thought something was seriously wrong with the child. We took him to the doctor because his behavior was so insane, we thought he must have some mental issue. He had also begun loosing a bit of weight due to these tantrums. (He asks for a banana, you give him a banana. He screams, smearing banana into the carpet, crying. What? Oh, you didn’t want a banana after all Emers? And on and on the cycle would continue, resulting in him not eating much of anything.) What did the doctor say? He said Emery is normal. Perfectly normal. He said he is an extreme type A personality, so his tantrums will seem more exaggerated than kids with differing personality types. The doctor assured us that Emery was fine. He doesn’t like being babied and he is extremely task oriented, so use those to our advantage. So, we asked The Princess to please start treating Emery like a kid, not a baby. We explained that he understands much more than he can articulate, and the words would be coming to Emery soon. We started treating Emery like a kid, not a baby. We started giving him jobs to do, tasks to complete, favors to perform. He is much, much better. Yes, he is still a wild man. Yes, he still climbs the walls. But he isn’t so violent and his tantrums are far less (in severity and frequency). I reread Making The Terrible Twos Terrific by John Rosemond (I recommend it to anyone dealing with toddlers) and Regret Free Parenting by Catherine Hickem (I received this book for free through the Amazon Vine program for reviewing purposes). I’m a reader, so reading books helps me deal with issues. Even if it is just an attitude shift, that can make a huge difference in the middle of toddler battles.

The Pastor bought me this wonderful camera for my birthday! I was extremely surprised. I’ve been wanting a DSLR, but have been hesitant to commit to such a thing, since I am not a professional, nor do I have aspirations of being a professional. I just like taking pictures. And I hang the pictures I take all over my house. (Which means there are no pictures of me in our house.) I’m in love. It is a Pentax K-x. Extremely easy to use. I still have more playing to do, but I like it a lot so far!

And word on the street is that I’m going on a date with those two handsome fellows tonight! (It is a surprise, but I don’t do surprises. So, I’m in on the surprise for myself.)

We also went to the Aquarium earlier this week for my birthday per the request of these two. I got  Mommy and Me passes to the Aquarium. If you haven’t gotten one yet, they are well worth the money. $29.95 for one adult, up to 4 kids 5 and under, and free parking. They are available until December 15th. Of course, the kids loved the Aquarium. Imogene likes the whales, the sea urchins, and the sea horses. Aidan liked the jelly fish and the humphead wrasse. (Look that one up. He loved it.) Emery voted present.

I usually make my new year’s resolutions on my birthday. But this year, I’ve got nothing really that I feel like needs to be “fixed.” We’re happy. We’re healthy. I’m good. I will be learning to use my new fancy camera. And I’ll be reading and playing and making things. I’ve got great people around me. “Life is good, Sheriff Bob!”

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A Gift For Billy

A couple weeks ago, I ordered the book In Stitches by Amy Butler. I love, love, love it! Since we were traveling to Georgia the weekend of Billy’s birthday, I decided it was perfect timing to try out one of the patterns in my new book. So, off to the fabric store I went. I got these great fabrics in Georgia Bulldog colors (Jeremy is a huge fan) and made this apron. I must admit, I was a little jealous. I really wanted to keep it. But I had made it for Billy, so I reluctantly let it go.

I know it is camouflaged in the pretty well, but this apron features a towel hook. (It is like an Eye Spy book trying to find it. I’ll give you a hint. It is in the top left of the photo.) It also has a  nice sized pocket. (I know you can at least see the top of the pocket.) Next time I might try to do the entire pocket and towel loop in the contrast color. Although, I do quite like the camo thing going on with this one.

Then, I quickly whipped up this little gift bag with my fabric scraps from the apron project. It was super easy. It has one longer strap on the back and a shorter loop on the front. So, you pull the long strap through the short loop and your bag is closed! I stuck a little “Happy Birthday!” note in the front pocket before giving it to her.

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My Time In The City

The beautiful children and I took The Pastor to New Orleans for his birthday. I had never been to The Big Easy. The Pastor has been several times. (He’s a Saint’s fan.) I was a little nervous about going to New Orleans. I just wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure if we would find a ruined city or what. I was nervous that maybe the family things weren’t “back together” after the storm. I am happy to say, New Orleans is back! We visited the aquarium, it was great. We stayed in the French Quarter, it was great. If you’ve been thinking about going and hesitating, like I was, because you don’t want to vacation in a city destroyed by a hurricane, I’d suggest you go ahead and go. The city looks great!

Watching Street Performers

The people of New Orleans are so nice. I’m telling you, they have the nicest homeless people I’ve ever met. Imogene is very friendly, so we talked to a lot of homeless people. She’d wave at them and say “hey!” They, of course, would then talk to her. They were super nice. I think Aidan is going to be as friendly as his sister. He brightened a few people with his smile. They loved the street performers. They loved the pigeons and finches. They loved seeing the horse drawn carriages (although, I think they were actually mules, not horses, for the most part). The homeless people were so nice it really made me want to make them some quillows or something. Instead, we donated money to the city’s Meals on Wheels program.

At Cafe Du Monde

I am glad we went. We stayed at the beautiful Hotel St. Marie in the French Quarter. We were able to walk everywhere we went. Which is really a bonus in a city where the food is the main attraction. Plus, it was very nice to not have to load & unload the kids constantly.

I think The Pastor had a good time. So, mission accomplished. He got to eat at some of his favorite New Orleans places. I think he had fun!