I Love Etsy!

No lie, I love Etsy. Yes, there are other sites out there to buy handmade goods, but Etsy is my favorite! Here are a few items on Etsy that I love right now!

Awesome poncho from The Trendy Tot!

Little Red Riding Hood Pigtail Set by My Little Red Wagon. I love her pigtail sets. My princess has several pairs with more coming soon in the mail!

Refrigerator Magnet Meg by Weirdolls.

Milk and Honey Gnome Soap for Love Lee Soaps. (How awesome is that?!)

Moustache Teether from Little Alouette.

Greek Alphabet Blocks by quercusdesigns.

Clothespin Bag Migo by Mauk.

Head over to Etsy.com and see what super awesome stuff you can find! (And you can check out my shop Moose and Wormy.)