BumGenius One Size Organic All-In-One Diaper Review

The Pastor and I disagree on this one diaper. Typically we have the same opinions on diapers, but for some reason he hates this diaper. He hates it more than any other diaper we own, which is crazy to me! Just an example of one person’s favorite being another person’s trash!

The bumGenius One Size Organic All-In-One Diaper will cost you about $24.95 a diaper, new. The interior is layers of unbleached organic cotton. The exterior is PUL with snaps. Only the inside of this diaper is organic! If you want a completely organic diaper system , you’ll want to go with Bamboo or organic cotton fitteds. (And if being natural and organic is a big priority for you, you’ll probably want to go with wool covers.) But the part of this diaper that is on your baby is organic. Since the interior is just a knit cotton (think T-shirt material) it does not wick moisture away from baby’s skin. It feels wet against them and for that reason is not the best choice for a night time diaper. I do love that it has snaps and not the blasted bumGenius aplix.

That blurry picture is an attempt to show you the breakdown of the interior that has occurred after a little over a year of use. There are holes in the outer layers (in various places) of the interior fabric. None of them go all the way through, it is just simple breakdown caused by daily use and washing.

The above photos show the bumGenius One Size AIO Organic Diaper with newborn fitted diapers. (The top is with a Nanipoo Newborn Fitted Diaper. The bottom is with a Graham Bear Wear Newborn Fitted Diaper.) The bumGenius Organic One Size AIO is not going to fit a small newborn. I suppose if you have 10 lb. babies, they will work from birth. Realistically, these diapers fit from about 8 lbs. (a rolly 8 lbs.) to about 30 lbs. They do not fit my 38 lb. 3 year old.

These diapers take a little longer to dry than pocket diapers. They take me about 2 and a half cycles in the dryer to dry. If your whole stash is built from these, the extra drying time would make little to no difference. If you have a few of these in your stash, it can be maddening to take all your diapers out of the dryer and have to return these for another cycle or half cycle to finish drying. They also don’t hang dry well. It takes them a very, very long time to dry.

They have the ingenious bumGenius feature that keeps the interior from rolling out. They sew a small strip on the PUL into the top front of the interior, so if anything “flips” out a little, it is just this little bit of PUL. Which is great to prevent wicking.

Do I recommend these? Well, with the all-in-on you get a very easy no fuss diaper that is ready to go once you eventually get it dry. It is a very convenient diaper for babysitters, church nursery workers, and grandparents to use. There is little room for error. In addition, there is no pulling inserts out, so when it is dirty you just toss it into your diaper pail or wet bag. So, it is easy. They are also very trim. It is a little awkward to add doublers into it, but you absolutely can if you need to. If convenience is what you are going for, then this diaper would be a nice choice. They are pricey and they seem to have a shorter life span than other diapers I’ve tried (though still longer than their brother, the bumGenius 3.0), but you may be willing to trade that for the convenience factor. If you have to use a daycare for your child, you can sometimes get them to use cloth diapers if you have something very simple like these! So keep that in mind! The Pastor would tell you to steer clear of these completely, but I disagree. I think they have their market and their uses. If you are not so concerned with convenience, then you may find yourself frustrated with these, since convenience is the main thing they’ve got going for them. If you need something cheaper, try Tweedle Bugs– they are a similar fit, though they are a pocket diaper and they are half the price!

Wild Child For Babies Diaper Review

I purchased 12 Wild Child For Babies All in One diapers before Emery was born. I paid $100 for the dozen, so the price was great! The Pastor was not sure about the fitted diapers, so I bought some All-in-Ones for him, since he said he would prefer that.

These diapers were very large for newborn diapers. In fact, they are closer to a size medium Prowrap cover than a newborn. (They could be a small, but I never had a small cover, so I couldn’t say.) I kept trying them on Emery because I wanted them to work. They have no umbilical snap down or scoop. They are large. Around 8 lbs, they began fitting Emery, but I had such trouble with leaking. I ended up using them as a fitted because I never could get them to not leak. They fit from a rolly 8 lbs. to 15 lbs.or more! Maybe a thinner, but large baby would have had better luck. I’m not sure.  I put one on 25 lb. Aidan one day & they fit him though they were a bit low rise. And they did not leak on Aidan. I was super quick to change him, but I can say they did not leak. I may pull them back out and see how they work on Emery now. I tried them again when he was around 16 lbs., but they didn’t fit well. They were tight on his thighs and still leaked.

A side by side comparison of a Newborn Wild Child For Babies All-in-one and a bumGenius One Size Organic All-in-one. Both on their smallest settings.

Side by side comparison of a Newboren Wild Child For Babies All-in-one and a Newborn Graham Bear Wear Fitted. Wild Child is on the smallest setting and the Graham Bear wear is on the “medium” setting.

Wild Child for Babies newborn all-in-one diapers have cotton velour interior. Mine had the cute cotton knit fabric on the outside. These diapers are not very trim. They take FOREVER to dry. In fact, The Pastor used to complain about how long it took our bumGenius organic all-in-one to dry, but once we started using these, he was wishing they dried as fast as the bumGenius all-in-one! Seriously,  these took me 4 dryer cycles to dry. If you hang them, they’ll be hanging for over 24 hours before they are dry! These do not have a scoop or snap down, so you have to wait until the baby’s umbilical cord stump falls off before you can use these.

Do I recommend these diapers? I can’t. They did not work for me. If that changes, I’ll let you know. And here is where I insert a disclaimer. Not every diaper works for every baby. Some people adore the diapers I hate. Some people hate the diapers I adore. Wild Child for Babies may work perfectly for some. They just didn’t work for me.

Tweedle Bugs Diaper Review

Never heard of Tweedle Bugs? Don’t be alarmed. I hadn’t either. I came across them by chance one day and just HAD to give them a try! They were so much cheaper than anything I’d ever seen! ($12.95 a diaper!) These are one size pocket diapers that are cheap! For $12.95 I got the black diaper seen above, a Tweedle Bugs insert, and a doubler.

The interior is a fleece. It reminds me of Fuzzi Bunz fleece interior. They have a pocket opening in the front and back, so like Smartipants, you don’t have to unstuff them. They unstuff in the wash. (Which is a great feature!) The Tweedle Bugs insert is almost identical to a bumGenius insert.  The exterior is more nylon feeling and looking. It has no stretch to it as some PULs do.  They only come in a snap version, which you all know is a-okay with me!

Shown above with a Blueberry Deluxe to show size. The Tweedle Bug is a similar style to the Blueberry Deluxe and Econappi, but is slightly smaller. This means that this diaper fits smaller than the Blueberry. Realistically, it would fit an 8 lb. baby up to a 35 lb. toddler. (These do fit Imogene, 38 lbs., on the largest setting.) These diapers have some awesome elastic in them. It is super springy, but gentle. So, you can get a good fit without irritating fat thighs.

These are made a bit wider than other diapers. The rise is shorter than a Blueberry, but the width is the same. If your babies are long things, then this may not be a good choice. (Try Haute Pockets or WAHMies.) If you have round babies like I do, you may find the wider top makes it fit those chunky thighs so much better.

The pocket openings do gape a bit. It isn’t a use issue, just a visual one. You also have to make sure the insert isn’t sticking out the front on the smaller sizes. I have never had the insert work its way out while in use.

Do I recommend these diapers? Absolutely! If you want a cheap one size pocket diaper that works, you’ll love this diaper. It does have a limited size/shape range, so if you’ve got an oddly shaped or proportioned little one, you may want to take that into consideration. But overall, I would recommend these over their pricey counterparts any day! I am very happy with these and would happily buy more!

Like the price but need more of a size range? Try Smartipants. Looking for another fleece interior diaper with snaps? Try Haute Pockets.

Blueberry Deluxe Diaper Review

I have several Blueberry Deluxe One Size Pocket diapers. I like them. I don’t love them. You can see my Swaddlebees Econappi Review, since the Econappi and the Blueberry Deluxe are essentially the same diaper. The difference is in the interior and insert materials. The Blueberry Deluxe has a fleece interior and a microfiber/hemp insert. Over time, the interior fabric does pill quite a bit, but it is still very soft.

I have both aplix and snap Blueberry Deluxe diapers. (Thanks to Melissa!) I prefer the snaps. Big surprise, right? The aplix on the Blueberry is very, very strong. It hold up quite well, but I still have my usual aplix issues. On a brand new Blueberry, the aplix is so strong, it takes quite a bit of effort to get it unattached.

I have tried this diaper as an all in two, as the maker of Blueberry and Swaddlebees says you can. It didn’t work out for me. The interior fabric always got wet. I wouldn’t recommend buying these if you are wanting an all in two.

These diapers are on the larger end of one size diapers. Realistically, they fit from about 10 lbs. (if you’ve got a longer, leaner built child- you’re probably not going to get a good fit until 12 lbs.) and max out around 40lbs. Imogene wears them on the largest settings and she is 38 lbs. They have the smallest range of any of our one size diapers.

I have leak issues with these all the time. They are not good night diapers except on the smallest size. The insert gets all bunched up and moved around when the older ones are running around. You cannot put this on a kid and then go play on the playground. The running and climbing always leads to leaks. They work fine when they kids are still, like in their car seat, or just not overly playful. The insert seems just a little too narrow for the diaper.

These diapers are also kind of a pain when you’ve got multiple kids wearing one diaper stash (which is why I use one size diapers to begin with). The inserts snap together, so you have to determine what size you’re using when you put the diaper together. I assemble all my diapers out of the wash. So, with the Blueberry and Econappi, I must decide ahead of time which child will wear the diaper and then set the diaper accordingly. I also have to set those diapers aside for whichever size they are set to. That kind of annoys me. With other diapers, I can stuff them all and leave them all unsnapped, snapping them as I need them snapped. With these, I can’t exactly do that.

The velcro version of this diaper rubs poor Emery’s tummy. He is a rather round boy and the diaper top rolls in a bit on him. The rough Velcro tabs then rub his little tummy. I can readjust the tabs and unroll the top when I notice, but it rolls back as he moves and rubs again.

(Shown above with Econappi.) So, do I recommend the Blueberry Deluxe One Size Pocket diaper? Well, it really isn’t worth the money. If you’ve got money you just want to spend to have that little Blueberry tag on your child’s bum, then go ahead and buy some if you want. Just make sure you buy something else to use at night. Do they work? Yeah, they work for the most part. But you can pay half the price for a diaper that will work twice as well and fit much longer! I know I won’t buy anymore of these. In fact, I wouldn’t have more than one if several more were not given to me. These would work better if you bought different inserts for them. (Something wide, like a Happy Heiney Insert or Haute Pocket Insert would be perfect!)

Looking for a similar style at a more affordable price? Try Tweedle Bugs.

Rocky Mountain Diaper Review

Rocky Mountain One Size PocketI had sincerely hoped to like these when I first purchased it. On the website, the colors really make you think the diaper is soft. For the price, you assume you will get a high quality product. But for $18, I got a cheap looking diaper with no insert.

The outer PUL on this diaper is thin. If you purchase one of the lighter colors, you can see the insert through the diaper. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the interior is colored suedecloth. The diaper color combinations are nice and sound so cute. (The diaper above is lemon lime!) But the quality isn’t the best.

This is a one size pocket diaper with an internal leg elastic adjustment. Some people really like these adjustments because you can set it and not worry about it again until your child moves up in the size. Well, when you have more than one in diapers, this feature is obnoxious. I must either set the leg elastic adjustments every time I use this diaper, or must set it aside for only one of the three kids. Since the elastic adjustment takes quiet some time, and I am the only person in our house capable of such a feat, I set it aside for the small one.

I had a horrible leaking experience with this diaper. I had an insert and a double in the diaper and the baby (3 months old) pooped. I’m sure moms who have had exclusively breastfed babies know how this poop looked. (For those that don’t, it was runny, yellow, and quite explosive!) The poop leaked out of this diaper! (I convey shock, because in my experience, you have far less blow outs with cloth diapers than the paper kind. You also rarely- if ever- have a poop leak!) It did not shoot out the back or down the legs. It leaked out of the seams! That’s right, the poop just oozed out of the seams of this doubled diaper on a 3 month old!

Now for the specifics on this diaper. As a one size diaper, this diaper claims to fit birth to potty training. This is one of the smallest one size diapers I have seen. Realistically, it would fit from about 6 lbs. to about 30. At 17 lbs, Emery now wears the elastic on the largest setting. And you should note, that I never really got it to work well on Emery until he was about 10 lbs. On the really small setting, there was so much excess around, I ended up with the occasional leak. BumGenius, Nicki’s Diapers, Fuzzi Bunz, and Happy Heiney inserts fit this diaper.

So when it is all said and done, do I recommend this diaper? No, I don’t. For the money you can get a much better diaper. Heck, for less money you can get a better diaper. But if you want a small one size diaper and just can’t resist the cutesy names for the color combinations (Lemon berry anyone?!), you will be able to USE the diaper. I just don’t find it worth the money. (If you find some on the super cheap- less than $12 a diaper – then by all means, go forth and work the deal. I doubt they’ll be your favorite diaper, but they’ll do.) I don’t recommend them as a night time diaper. The diaper is so small that once you double it up (or triple it up depending on the kid) it is not going to fit so well. I also don’t like to use them on trips because of their tendency to leak through the seams.