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Melts My Heart

You remember that Lenten reading schedule I made for the kids? The one complete with activities? Well, apparently, that was a huge hit with the kids. It opened up the door for a lot of discussion around our house. Some that was odd (When Lazarus was resurrected, did he have to heal from his decomposition wounds or were they completely healed when he was raised?) and some that was tough (In glorified bodies, will we have need to eat? Will we want to eat?). The kids loved the crafts. They soaked up the information like little sponges. 

Imogene went to her Dad sometime this week with a request. She had seen a figurine in a catalogue (girl loves catalogues) and she wanted to get it for me to thank me for all I put into their Lent activities. (I know! Talk about teary eyed!) Of course, Dad couldn’t say no to that request. He took her to the store and the found just the figurine she had wanted to give. 


She gave it to me today and said, “Mom, I wanted you to have this because I am so thankful for all you’ve done for our Lent. You taught us more about God and did awesome crafts with us. I thought this one was perfect, because you keep telling us that we are the light of the world and we’re the light in the darkness, and she has a light.” 

Who says parenting is a thankless job? 

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This Easter With My Kids

The season of Lent is over. I must say, it was difficult for me to uphold my commitment for Lent, but I did it and I am happy that I did. I enjoyed Easter with my kids this year. We did not have Easter 2008Easter Egg Hunts at the church or extravagant Easter parties this year, so it was very easily managed. I had a lot of fun putting together their Easter baskets. Aidan is so young, it was difficult to make him a basket of equal size to his sister’s. I made it work. My beautiful kids seemed to really enjoy Easter, especially Imogene. We spent Holy Week with family and friends. I enjoyed the company of both, but had a rough week. Sorry guys. We did start a new tradition in our family this Easter. We decided to not worry with Easter baskets until after the morning festivities had ended. We waited until after the morning church services to give one another Easter goodies. I think this is a good and helpful tradition for us. Sunday mornings can be hectic enough around the parsonage. It really helped us (parents) enjoy the day a little more. I really liked Aidan in his little hat. Chubby boys look cute in hats! Imogene opted for a white headband. She actually insisted on wearing it. I enjoy spending holidays with my beautiful children. It is really neat to make the holy days special for them and see them enjoy it. Imogene was especially fond of her chocolate bunny! Even though she was a maniac after eating it, I am glad she enjoyed it and the day. It makes me feel like I’ve done my job well.