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Fairy Costume

The Princess decided to be a fairy for Halloween. Of course, she couldn’t be just ANY fairy. No. She had to be a fairy that she had created and named “Fairy Mary.” She’s drawn and painted Fairy Mary a few times, so I knew what she was supposed to look like.

I used Simplicity 2872 to make her dress. I added ribbons in all around the skirt, because that is just how Fairy Mary likes her dress. And I added ribbon to the shoulder “strap” area. That part of the pattern was a little difficult to figure out, so the ribbon hides the oddness. The pattern is relatively simple. You could achieve the same effect with any dress pattern that has a gathered skirt. You’d just make petals to add over the skirt. I didn’t like the belt/sash thing. It turned out weird. Otherwise, the costume was a big hit! (I also didn’t make the wings. It would have just been too expensive when I can grab a pair on the cheap.)