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Be Happy!

It seems like so many people are mad this week. Probably because of that thing which shall not be named. Those that are not mad about the thing seem mad that other people are mad about that thing. So, I am doing to the internet what I do for Emery when he gets really upset. Showing pictures of animals. Yes, when my 3 year old get so angry he can barely speak, I sit him down and we look at animal pictures. It works for him, so maybe it will work for the internet. All of these photos are my personal pictures. Enjoy!

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Life Is Just Too Short

I had the most fabulous idea the other day! Really, it was fantastic! But my spirits dampened a bit when I realized I could not follow through on said idea because it was just too “odd.” I was very disappointed. I mean, really, who makes these rules of what is “normal?”

This discovery left me quite sad. My world has to be a shade of beige because that is what someone else has determined to be “normal?” I’m only allowed silliness in certain things? No wonder so many people are unhappy.

Well, I have decided that life is far too short to worry about being “normal.”

If pink pants, an awesome flower head band, a large cigar, and a pair of sensible kicks make you smile, then go right ahead and dress to tickle yourself!

If you want a horse statue surrounded by flowers in your yard, go right ahead! I’m sure that pony will bring a smile to your face each and every time you drive up to your house.

If you want a turtle car, why not?! Life is too short to drive a boring old silver minivan like everyone else.

I mean, really. Why not spice up my life with things that make me smile? Life is too short to surround myself with boring off the rack items intended to be serious. Why can’t my grand idea be brought to life?

Life is far too short to be so serious about everything.