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My Experience With Trim Healthy Mama

I’m sure you’ve heard of Trim Healthy Mama. It seems everyone has. I had heard about it from friends for years before I decided to buy the books and give it a try. I researched it for quite a long time before committing. I’m not really one to try diets, despite needing to loose weight. I did the Whole 30 a couple years ago with huge success. But since living that way is almost impossible for an active family, I decided to give Trim Healthy Mama a try. Everyone said it was whole family cooking and it wouldn’t leave me in the kitchen all day long.

The good:

  • The meals were made for large families in mind. I didn’t have to double and triple recipes, which was refreshing. Most family meals feed 6-8. They do have lots of single serve recipes in the cookbook for things like breakfast and lunch, too.
  • I found some ridiculously yummy recipes that my kids love in the cookbook. Swedish Meatballs in Cream Sauce, Slim Sloppy Joes, Blackened Chicken with Mango and Black Beans, Lentil Soup, Chicken Jalapeno Popper Soup, Tomato Chicken Bisque, Nacho Stuffed Peppers, Trim Healthy Pancakes. Amazing food. Really.
  • I found most of the sippers to be awesome and I love them! Good Girl Moonshine & Singing Canary are staying. Period.
  • The Pastor lost lots of weight in the first month.

The Eh:

  • I lost minimal weight. Very minimal. Likes, in 3 months maybe 8 lbs.
  • While it was a whole family plan, you have to tweak every single meal for every single person. This meant adding cheese to kid food but not adult food. Adding an extra side for kids. So while I was only cooking one “meal”, I was having to adjust at the table.
  • While they claim you don’t have to use specialty ingredients, I found that they were necessary if you don’t want to be completely frustrated. So, you’re buying special flours and weird stuff that are really hard to find and expensive.
  • They also claim you can do the plan without Stevia. After reading their stuff, I just started using the Stevia, even though I really didn’t want to. Cutting it out is a bigger deal than they make it.
  • You can have brownies! they say. Then you make the brownies exactly like the recipe and they are gross. The online community then tells you that your taste buds are just messed up from years of real sugar. You’ll adjust. But chocolate should never taste like chemicals. I don’t want to get used to that. So these beloved desserts are apparently all acquired tastes that will eventually be okay to you once you forget what real baked goods taste like.
  • Despite saying you can be a food purist to stick to the plan or a “drive through Sue”, I found that I was having to make a lot of concessions to food purity. I was eating things that didn’t seem normal for me to eat. So, I’m sure there was a way for me to not bend on my food standards, but they weren’t easy if they were available.
  • There are a lot of rules. It takes time to understand and properly implement the plan. While there is good support through their Facebook pages and such, you have to be careful what you say so you don’t offend the plan. (Really just never critique the plan. Just watch how much hate mail will come from this post. And not all of the groups will be like this. You’ll also find a lot of encouragement and a lot of help. Just don’t complain- they don’t like it.)

The Bad:

  • My milk supply tanked, despite doing crossovers as described for nursing moms.
  • My immune system plummeted. I had eczema and then Shingles. The nutrition just wasn’t there.
  • It was expensive. The specialty ingredients are very pricey. They say you don’t need them, but over half the recipes call for them. Want to price them yourself? Whey Protein, Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend, Stevia, Super Sweet, Gentle Sweet, MCT Oil, Gelatin, Collagen, Glucomannan, Not Naughty Noodles. Now, some of these things will last quite a while, like the Stevia and the Glucomannan. But some, like the baking blend and the super sweet will be monthly expenses at least.
  • I was eating more meat and less veggies than usual. While they say vegetarian and vegan options are available, I don’t really see how.

My Conclusions:

I have seen lots of people loose weight and have great health on this plan. I will still be using my cookbook, despite my not using the plan because some of the food is really yummy. But this plan is clearly not for me. I had so many health problems that started when I switched to this plan. I did not see results anything like I would have liked to see. And my family was just eating too many things I wasn’t really super comfortable with. So, I am going to take some of the recipes, but leave the plan. It just didn’t work for us. It certainly isn’t for everyone. It worked fine for my husband.

Do I recommend you try it? I don’t know. I don’t recommend you NOT try it. I’m just not a fan because it really wasn’t a fit for me and my family. I had really high hopes and it just did not deliver.

I also think I am somewhat biased in my attempts. I’ve never been a Stevia fan. In fact, I think I might actually be allergic. I’m not a fan of processed foods. I’m not a fan of casseroles or crock pots meals. It isn’t that I am picky. I’m just more of a whole food, clean food person. So telling me no potatoes and limit carrots isn’t ever going to sit well with me.

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How’s “The Shred” Going?

I am now on my 3rd week of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. See my previous post here, if you missed it. I can say, it is working! I mean, really working! I keep my measurements around for ¬†clothes. I had measured last at the end of November. I measured again after 2 weeks of the 30 Day Shred. I’ve lost 2.5″ in my waist already! I’ve also lost 1″ in each thigh and gained 0.5″ in my biceps. I’m pretty excited about the results! I have been eating normally, just adding the Shred to my daily (Monday through Friday) routine. (Can’t cut too many calories while you’re breastfeeding!) The Pastor even noticed a difference in my appearance after only a week!

It is extremely difficult at first, and I was extremely sore. But it is a completely doable 20 minute workout and I am seeing good results! Maybe I’ll make it to my goal! (Look decent in a swim suit this summer!) Of course, now my jeans don’t fit quite right. *sigh* Maybe I’ll be back in my size 8 jeans soon!

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Bathing Suit Season

I hesitate to write this post. Really. Those that know me in person know I hate failing. And even more than I despise failing, I hate people knowing that I failed. (I am a secret competitor.) However, I read in a book (this book, to be a bit more specific) that if you write down a goal, 80% of the time, you’ll reach it. I also know from nursing school that a goal is pointless unless it is measurable in both time and quantity. All those things added together will hopefully equal me reaching my goal!

That is me with the family this past Sunday! (The Captain was baptized.) I am currently a size 10. Yep, I just shared my clothing size with the world, well, my world. This summer we are planning to go to the beach on a couple occasions. My goal is to fit into a swimsuit and look decent in it. That’s it. I don’t like weight goals, because different people look good at different weights. I don’t plan on attempting to get to my wedding weight (no way I am going back to kid’s clothing!). I just want to look decent in a bathing suit this summer. (I’ll pick a suit, to add more definition to my goal.) It has been years since I felt good in a bathing suit. Granted, I had summer babies in 2006, 2007, and 2009.

I’ve started with the 30 Day Shred DVD by Jillian Michaels. I’m not that into working out, but sometimes you have to. Since I can’t really do more in the way of dieting because I have a breastfed 5 month old, I’ll have to sweat a bit.

What I am not doing. I am not obsessing over my weight or my appearance. I know I need a tiny bit more help in the fit area, so I needed an attainable and definable goal to work toward. I am not insistent I loose weight or get smaller. I’m intent on being healthier, more fit. I wold be very, very happy in my size 10 jeans if my tummy were a bit more toned and I didn’t have the “extras” hanging around. Small is not the goal. Fit and confident are my goals.