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Newborn Cloth Diapering

I have been cloth diapering for over 12 years now. I’ve cloth diapered newborns six times! (The first two switched to cloth after their newborn stage.) So, I have quite a bit of experience and have tried a great many methods and products for newborns. Since we just had our eighth baby, I figured it was time to revisit newborn cloth diapering.

Newborns are cute and sweet, but man do they have explosive diapers! I was reminded a couple weekends ago how awful using paper diapers on newborns can be. Cost wise, you’ll likely spend about the same amount to cloth diaper one newborn or to paper diaper that one newborn. The real cost saving with newborns comes when you start cloth diapering that second baby, then the third, then the fourth… you get the picture. Plus, cloth diapers contain newborn poopsplosions SO much better than paper diapers.

There are a lot of options out there for cloth diapering. I’m not going to go into all the options, I’m just going to tell you my favorites. Can you use something else? Absolutely. I’m just here to share my personal experience.

By far, my favorite newborn cloth diapering combo is:

Muslin Half-Flats from Green Mountain Diapers

Boingo Diaper Fastener

Rumparooz Newborn Cover

This option is cheap, easy, and washes (and dries) quickly with no fuss. I fold the half-flats like a paper airplane and secure with a single Boingo. Put the cover on and you are good to go!

What makes these particular choices work? The Muslin Half-Flats wash and dry quickly. They are super soft and absorbent, while also being very thin. They are a little fluffier than a Birdseye flat, which I really like. I was unsure about the size at first, but it fits perfectly! Sue Ellen is over 11 pounds now at almost 6 weeks old (tomorrow) and the half flats are till fitting like a dream. You can fold them to fit a newborn so well. You do need to prep cloth diapers, and the muslin flats seem to take a little longer to prep. Prepping cloth diapers just involves washing them and drying them multiple times before using them. These took 5 cycles to prep to a usable absorbency and about 8 to perfection. (Unbleached prefolds prepsimilarly. Birdseye and white flats and covers tend to prep quicker.) I have 3 dozen half-flats and can wash diapers every other day without worrying about not having enough.

The Boingo is similar to a Snappi. It just holds the diaper on really well and isn’t as big as the Snappi. I like the two point closure better than three. I just secure the left and right sides of the diaper over the center and it holds well. As baby gets bigger, you just use two (two come in a pack). You only need one pack. You could use Snappis or diaper pins. (If you buy diapers fro Green Mountain Diapers, you get free diaper pins! So, you may want to give them a try since they are free!)

Rumparooz newborn covers are the perfect size. They fit a tiny under 6lb. newborn and they fit a 15 lb. bigger baby. The fabric on these is softer and more breathable than other diaper covers. It will leak if they have an abundance of pee and you don’t have enough absorbency. But they don’t get as hot or feel as bulky as other covers. (And I never have leaking issues if I’m aware of absorbency and change the baby regularly.) The one-size Rumparooz are also nice and will fit an 8lb. baby up to a toddler. If you have bigger babies, the One-Size might work just as well for you as the newborn size. Sue Ellen was 8 lbs. 6 oz. at birth and fit into both the newborn and One-Size covers. I like the newborn covers better for the smaller size because they are trimmer. However, if I usually had bigger babies (Sue Ellen was an anomaly for my babies.), I’d be perfectly fine with only One-Size covers. I have a lot of covers, but you only really need 6 if your washing every other day. You can always wash a cover in the sink in a pinch.

I do also like Thirsties covers. I’ll do a whole thing about diaper covers here soon, but Thirsties are a good option. Their size one covers are not as small as the Rumparooz and they are thicker and not quite as soft. But they work well and I do like them. You also don’t have the same leaking problems, but they aren’t as breathable, so it is a trade off. The size two Thirsties will definitely NOT fit a newborn. They advertise fitting at 18 lbs, I think it is more like 15– but still way too big for any newborn.

If you need diaper cream for a newborn and you’re using cloth, I recommend the Motherlove Diaper Balm. It also works well as a preventative if you like to use diaper cream for every diaper change and not just when they get red. You can also use it with paper diapers. Most diaper creams are not “safe” for cloth diaper use. (Really, you’ll just have to wash the devil out of the diapers if you use it.) Motherlove is cloth diaper “safe”.

All in all, I do think cloth diapering a newborn is well worth it. The outfits saved alone is well worth it! Plus, it is so stinking adorable. I know it sounds weird, but it is so satisfying to fold that perfect diaper. Don’t believe me? Try it.

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Wild Child For Babies Diaper Review

I purchased 12 Wild Child For Babies All in One diapers before Emery was born. I paid $100 for the dozen, so the price was great! The Pastor was not sure about the fitted diapers, so I bought some All-in-Ones for him, since he said he would prefer that.

These diapers were very large for newborn diapers. In fact, they are closer to a size medium Prowrap cover than a newborn. (They could be a small, but I never had a small cover, so I couldn’t say.) I kept trying them on Emery because I wanted them to work. They have no umbilical snap down or scoop. They are large. Around 8 lbs, they began fitting Emery, but I had such trouble with leaking. I ended up using them as a fitted because I never could get them to not leak. They fit from a rolly 8 lbs. to 15 lbs.or more! Maybe a thinner, but large baby would have had better luck. I’m not sure.  I put one on 25 lb. Aidan one day & they fit him though they were a bit low rise. And they did not leak on Aidan. I was super quick to change him, but I can say they did not leak. I may pull them back out and see how they work on Emery now. I tried them again when he was around 16 lbs., but they didn’t fit well. They were tight on his thighs and still leaked.

A side by side comparison of a Newborn Wild Child For Babies All-in-one and a bumGenius One Size Organic All-in-one. Both on their smallest settings.

Side by side comparison of a Newboren Wild Child For Babies All-in-one and a Newborn Graham Bear Wear Fitted. Wild Child is on the smallest setting and the Graham Bear wear is on the “medium” setting.

Wild Child for Babies newborn all-in-one diapers have cotton velour interior. Mine had the cute cotton knit fabric on the outside. These diapers are not very trim. They take FOREVER to dry. In fact, The Pastor used to complain about how long it took our bumGenius organic all-in-one to dry, but once we started using these, he was wishing they dried as fast as the bumGenius all-in-one! Seriously,  these took me 4 dryer cycles to dry. If you hang them, they’ll be hanging for over 24 hours before they are dry! These do not have a scoop or snap down, so you have to wait until the baby’s umbilical cord stump falls off before you can use these.

Do I recommend these diapers? I can’t. They did not work for me. If that changes, I’ll let you know. And here is where I insert a disclaimer. Not every diaper works for every baby. Some people adore the diapers I hate. Some people hate the diapers I adore. Wild Child for Babies may work perfectly for some. They just didn’t work for me.

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Graham Bear Wear Diaper Review

Emery is our first baby to cloth diaper from birth. I knew my one size diaper stash would not fit him at birth. (Though have since tried WAHMies one size diapers and they would have easily fit him from birth.) We decided to go with fitteds and covers. I really like fitteds. They are a great option for newborns. Why? Well, newborns have that runny, explosive poo and the fitteds keep that inside the diaper where it belongs! If ever the poo escapes the fitted, it still remains securely inside the cover. We never had a single poo leak with Emery in fitted diapers. (Disposable diapers always allowed explosive poo leaks with the older two!)

At first, I ordered 6 Graham Bear Wear diapers. They are so trim and so cute! These are extremely well made diapers! She uses Zorb and they are so trim because of that. These also have a snap down in the front to protect the umbilical stump. Graham Bear Wear diapers have cotton velour interior (often hand dyed to match the outer fabric you choose). The outer is the cotton of your choice. She has so many lovely fabric choices! I have no two Graham Bear Wear diapers that are alike! Talk about fun! And each diaper comes with a matching liner!

After Emery was born, I ordered 6 more because they were such great diapers! The Pastor even liked these diapers, though he was initially very hesitant about fitteds and covers.

You do need a cover, since fitted diapers are not waterproof. Graham Bear Wear diapers easily fit my 6 lb. 13 oz. boy and would have easily fit my firstborn (5 lbs. 2 oz. at birth).  These easily fit under a Prowrap newborn diaper cover. These fit Emery until he was about 11 lbs. and ready for our one size diaper stash!

Photot of a Graham Bear Wear Newborn fitted diaper beside a bumGenius one size oraganic all-in-one to show you the size. The Graham Bear Wear diaper is set on its “medium” setting. The bumGenius diaper is as small as it gets.

A side by side comparison of a Graham Bear Wear Newborn Fitted Diaper with a Nanipoo Fitted Diaper.

Would I recommend Graham Bear Wear fitted newborn diapers? Absolutely! And I do! These are my favorite newborn fitted diaper! They are still in excellent condition after one newborn. I bought them for $50 for 6. Talk about a great deal! The only downfall is that you may not get as much money back if you plan to sell them once your newborn is out of them. Graham Bear Wear is a relatively new shop, so the word is not quite out there about what wonderful diapers they are. I am keeping mine! Hopefully I will get to use them again!

My newborn diaper stash.

Nancie was easy to work with. She made and shipped my diapers quickly! She even threw in a couple velour wipes with one of my orders! (And those are lovely if you are in the market for cloth wipes and don’t make your own!) She had so many cute and fun fabrics to choose from and hand dyed the velour to match many of my diapers.

**UPDATE: While I still adore my Graham Bear Wear diapers, it appears that they are no longer around. Which means that NONE of my newborn diaper making folks are in business anymore. If you come across them on diaperswappers, know they are awesome diapers. But it looks like for the time being, you can’t get GBWs.**

***UPDATE: She’s back! You can get them on Etsy again! Yay!***

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Nanipoo Fitted Diapers

When deciding how to cloth diaper a newborn, I settled on fitted with covers. I knew none of my one size diapers would fit my little bitty babies. (Though since then have tried out WAHMies one size cloth diapers, and they would have fit my little bitty boy.) I had heard such lovely things about Nanipoos, so I thought I would order some and give them a try. I ordered 6 custom newborn size Nanipoos. There was a slight delay with getting them, since the sweet lady that makes them lost her husband the day after I ordered. But she was lovely to work with and kept in contact, even during such a difficult time. I appreciated that and waited on my diapers. They arrived the week Emery was born, so I had them in time!

These diapers do require a cover since they are not waterproof. Nanipoos have snaps and an umbilical scoop in the front to protect baby’s little bebo. (If you haven’t read the Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton to your little ones, you should. It is cute.) They easily fit my 6 lb. 13 oz. newborn. I imagine they would have even fit my first and she was 5 lbs. 2 oz. at birth! These work really well with Newborn Prowrap covers. Nanipoos are a bit more fluffy that my Graham Bear Wear diapers, but they work well! These easily fit until Emery was about 11 lbs. and big enough for most one size diapers.

Side by side comparison of a Graham Bear Wear Newborn Fitted and a Nanipoo (on right).

Side by side comparison of a Nanipoo Newborn Fitted Diaper and a bumGenius One Size Organic All-in-one (on smallest setting).

The interior is a nice cotton velour (think Swaddlebees) and the outside is the fabric of your choice. If you choose knit fabrics, your diapers will have a bit more stretch and fit a little longer. If you choose a woven cotton, your diaper will have a bit less stretch, but will fit until about 10 lbs. still. They take a little longer to dry than a pocket diaper or a Graham Bear Wear Fitted diaper because they are a little more bulky. (Usually 2 and a half cycles in the dryer.)

Would I recommend Nanipoos? Absolutely! They are very affordable ($8.50 a diaper) and very well made! These held up well and will hold up to use on more than one child. You can also resell these on and usually get $5 (sometimes $6) a diaper back! I chose to keep mine since we are hopefully not done having children yet. (We’ll see what the Lord has in store for us.)

My Newborn diaper stash.

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Newborn Cloth Diaper Review

Emery is our first little one to have a fluffy bum from birth. I chose to go with mostly fitteds and covers for the newborn stage.  I also ordered some all-in-ones for this stage. I love the fitted option for a newborn! Those explosive newborn poos never leaked with our fitteds and covers. If the poo somehow managed to make it out of the fitted, which was rare, it was still trapped in the cover. So, no up-the-back-and-into-the-hair poo messes with Emery. And his little bum was oh-so-adorable! Here are the reviews of the newborn diapers and covers we used for Mr. Emery.

** Reviews have moved to make them more reader friendly! Click the links or go to the “Off the Bum” section! Sorry if this inconveniences you in any way. **

volcom diaper gbw

graham bear wear diapersGraham Bear Wear Newborn Fitted Diapers

nannipoo diaperNanipoo Newborn Fitted Diaper

cocostar diaper coverI purchased three custom made newborn covers from CoCo Star Creations. The covers themselves are adorable. Shipping from Canada takes time and costs quit a bit more. These covers worked fine for daytime wear. They work especially well when worn without clothes over top. And they are so cute, you’d want to do that. They do leak if you leave them on for more than 3 hours, so night time wearing is out. They also leak if you’ve got tight clothing on top of them. They fit Emery from birth to about 13 lbs. I had one with a woven cotton, and it only fit to 12 lbs. She had lots of great fabrics to choose from. She offers both side snapping and front snapping. The newborn size she also adds a snap down front for the umbilical stump.

ProrapColorsBecause of the leaking issue with our custom made covers, I ordered some Prowraps. I ordered both the colors and the classic Prowraps. I prefer the colors. The inner material is thicker on the colors and the exterior is softer. Although, the colors do snag with the Velcro. The classics don’t snag themselves. I really do like the Prowraps. No leaks with these at all. I love the ability to wipe out the cover and use it again. I am usually not a Velcro fan, but these didn’t bother me. They don’t have laundry tabs, instead you fasten them like there is an invisible baby in there and wash them. They never let go! I also can say that I’ve got no complaint with the Velcro rubbing on Emery’s tummy. These fit Emery from birth to 13 lbs. I think they would have fit for a little longer, but we had no diapers that fit under them beyond 13 lbs.

wild child AIO

Wild Child for Babies newborn all-in-one cloth diaper .

I am always willing to try new cloth diapers and cloth diaper products. If you have something you’d like to send me to try just contact me! I’d be happy to share your product with my world.