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Let’s Talk About Cheap Amazon Diapers

So, if you’re at all like me, you see these super cheap cloth diapers on Amazon and you wonder, “Are they any good?” Plus, they make some awesome prints! I was gifted a few different brands, so I’ll give you the scoop on the ones that I tried.

First, I think a lot of the brands are the exact same. It appears that they are just rebranded by each company. So, don’t fret over Art of Life diapers or Alva diapers- they are the same. Buy whichever you think are cutest. I tried three brands. Art of Life, Alva Baby (with two different labels), and EcoAble. You’ll also see these, these, and these, which all look exactly the same. Now, the AoL and Alva diapers were the exact same since they were both pocket diapers. The EcoAble were a little different since they are All In One style. We’ll revisit those EcoAble diapers in a different post and focus on the cheapie pockets today.

The Art of Life and Alva diapers are identical. The tags are different, but the actual diaper is the exact same. Same dimensions. Same materials. Same efficacy. The Art of Life tagged diapers actually came from a company named “Lil Bit”, or at least that is what the inserts said. I’m telling you, they are all the same. I actually couldn’t find the AOL tagged diapers to link, but I swear they are out there.

How do they compare to a standard cloth diaper? I’m comparing them to a BumGenius pocket diaper because that seems very run of the mill basic to me. You can see from the pictures that the cheapies are much larger. They also don’t have any interior PUL foldover. The inside fabric is similar, but the cheapies are much rougher feeling. The outer fabric on the cheapies is much thicker. It is a TPU rather than a PUL. So it isn’t as thin. It isn’t breathable at all. And it doesn’t feel as soft.

But do they work? Well, yes and no. I tried both the microfiber inserts and the fancy charcoal inserts. I saw zero difference between those two. They both seemed to work the same. The inserts are actually so similar to my BumGenius inserts, that I now can’t tell which is which on my microfiber inserts.

The problem I have with them is that they are using the exact same size insert as the BumGenius pocket diaper. You can see that they are much bigger than the BumGenius pocket diaper. This means that the insert doesn’t cover all the way across. The inserts get bunched and move around a bit more because they don’t fit the space. I have had many leak issues, specifically through the stitch lines around the legs. Same inserts in the BumGenius diapers and they don’t leak.

So, I switched it up a bit. I tried out my Green Mountain Diaper prefolds instead of the microfiber or charcoal inserts. Because I could pad fold them wider, they worked like a charm. Zero leak issues using prefolds instead of the inserts they came with.

So, yes they work, but you need to modify the system a little bit. These also snap a bit different from the BumGenius. Instead of two parallel snaps, they use two snaps side by side on the top row and then a hip snap on the bottom row. I don’t see a difference with the snaps in how they function. They are just a bit different. But other diaper companies use this triangle snap system, so that isn’t weird or new. Just different from the diaper I’m using to compare.

So, is it worth it? It depends on your situation. If I had gotten these when I first started cloth diapering, I would have deemed the experiment a failure because of leaks. You really do have to work a bit harder to get these not to leak. And that means buying prefolds, so they aren’t as cheap as they seem. However, if you’ve got prefolds and are wanting some “easy” diapers for the sitter or grandma or whatever, these are excellent diapers for that use. They don’t make good overnight diapers. These aren’t so bad that I am looking to off load mine. But I am glad I have more than just these in my stash. They do make some really cute prints. These are my out and about daytime diapers and I now stuff them with Green Mountain Diapers prefolds. On the lowest setting, the small prefold fits well. On the largest setting, you’d need a large prefold.

These started fitting Daisy when she got around 10 lbs. They were a little big on her then, but they did work. I’d say 12 lbs. and up is probably the more reasonable size.

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BumGenius Flip Review

I’ve been cloth diapering a long time. So I have seen how diapers evolve. New brands starts. Old brands fade out. Old brands come out with new stuff. The Flip certainly isn’t new, but it took me a while to try it. I’m just going to be up front. The All In Two* concept was a total fail with me. I tried it when those first came out and they just were not my thing. So the Flip always seemed to be a combination of an all in two concept with a prefold and cover concept.

* All In Twos are diapers that have an outer cover but the insert is meant to be changed as needed, reusing the cover. This is usually done by having an insert that snaps or Velcros into place. It differs from the pocket because the Insert sits directly against the baby’s skin and there is no “stuffing” involved.

I was never very interested in the Flip, despite really liking BumGenius diapers and really liking prefolds and covers. But then some Flip diapers found there way into my hands and I figured it was time for me to try them.

Naturally, I’m comparing the Flip to my favorite diaper cover, The Rumparooz cover. That seemed logical to me. Now, I probably should have grabbed a brighter color to take photos of, because this particular color (this is the color Sweet) clearly doesn’t photograph well. I am reviewing both the aplix version and the snap version, but only took pictures of the snap because I hate aplix, though I did try it.

So, the Flip is essentially a diaper cover with a large front flap and back flap for you to place an insert into. You just tuck the insert under the front and back flaps. There are a variety of inserts. I tried the stay-dry insert and the organic daytime insert. I did not try the disposable insert. (I’m just not into half cloth and half disposable diapers. Those aren’t a need for me.)

I did not like either insert. They both leaked, even with a very small baby. Neither were absorbent enough, even after extensive prep. And I gave these things a several month trial. This is not a review based on one use. I tried them with my Green Mountain Diaper prefolds, and those worked a lot better.

The Flip covers are really wide. You can see them here with a BumGenius pocket diaper (the blue patterned diaper) and the BumGenius Freetime (in the color Kiss). The Flip is wider than both. I think they use the same pattern, but the Flip isn’t getting sewn the same way, so you’re gaining a half inch in the width of the diaper. I have very fat, short babies, but the Flip was far too wide in the crotch.

This shows the width of the Flip on the bottom with a Rumparooz One Size diaper cover on top. It is much wider. So, on a small baby, that meant I had to tuck the legs in a bit or the diaper would be from her knees to her belly button.

One thing I dislike about BumGenius diapers across the board is the lack of the double gusset. It was especially problematic on a diaper cover to not have that second gusset to hold in #2.

Also, the Flip only has elastic in the back. (Well, that applies to all BumGenius diapers.) So, there were definitely leaks from having a little too much room in the waist.

They also didn’t work like you think they would. For a small, EBF baby, every time she pooped, it got on the cover. I find this true every single time I pad fold a prefold. It just isn’t my preferred method, I like the prefold wrapped around them so I have double protection from leaks.

Now, in a Flip, you can ignore the front and back flaps and just use it like a regular cover, which is what I ended up doing most of the time. However, the flaps can’t be wiped off like a regular cover, so I found that I only liked using it once or twice before I felt like it was dirty. With other diaper covers, I can usually get 3-4 uses out of them before they just feel dirty. (You wipe them out with a wet wipe after use and let it dry while you use another one.) So, instead of going through 2 diaper covers in a day, I was going through 5 (at least).

Also, I still hate Velcro. I gave the aplix (Velcro is the brand name. Aplix is the generic name. Like saying “facial tissue” or “Kleenex”.) a try. And while they weren’t evil in the wash and kept stuck to their tabs as they should, I still hate the way they wear. Even though BumGenius rounds the edges of their aplix, they are still really stiff and uncomfortable against the baby’s skin. And they will still get snagged on their clothes or yours if they have half a chance. And the aplix starts looking worn out really fast. Snaps look new for a long time. Aplix look ragged very quickly.

Now, the price is where Flip users are usually really happy. Right now, they are running $12.95 to $14.95 a cover. I’m not even going to discuss the inserts, because I think the Green Mountain Diaper prefolds are much better regardless (and they are cheaper). But the covers are a little less expensive that my favorite cover. (Rumparooz are $14-$16 a cover depending on print.) However, I require twice as many Flip covers because they get dirty so much easier and quicker! I can totally get by with 6 covers and 24 prefolds with the Rumparooz covers. However, with the Flips, I would need 10 covers and 24 inserts to be washing at the same frequency. (Every other day.)

So, not a fan of the BumGenius Flip covers. They aren’t terrible. They work for the most part. Are they the first diaper I reach for? No. Are they what I would recommend? No. Are they the cheapest option? No.

* I used small Green Mountain Prefold diapers with the Flip snapped down small. When it is unfolded all the way, a medium Green Mountain prefold is what I found to fit.

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Happy Heiny One Size Pocket

I bought one Happy Heiny when I first convinced The Pastor that we should cloth diaper the little ones. I purchased the aplix version under the impression that The Pastor was certainly not capable of snapping a diaper. I thought, “I’ll have to use aplix (velcro for those that aren’t in the know about such things) because snaps are too difficult for The Pastor and he’ll get so frustrated he will forbid me to cloth diaper our children!” So, there were a couple problems with that thought. The first was that anyone would forbid ME to do anything! Ha! Such a silly thought! The second was that aplix is somehow easier. It isn’t. In fact, my experience has been that aplix makes my life more difficult. Yes, grandma’s and babysitters can much more easily figure out an aplix cloth diaper. But really, once you’ve put on a snap diaper once or twice, it is simple. Really. It isn’t rocket science- just diapers. And if you can figure out how to work those blasted adjustable waist kid pants, then pocket diapers will be a breeze for you!

What a rant! Okay, I guess I should start my actual review. The Happy Heiny diaper we own has been labeled since the beginning as “Imogene’s diaper.” She still wears it at night. Why? Well, the fit of this diaper is very, very specific. Yes, it is a one size diaper, but it is not for the round child. Imogene was 2 when we started cloth diapering, so she was out of her round stage. She fit in this diaper so well. Aidan was a terrible fit, still is to some extent. Emery is a terrible fit.

The interior fabric of a Happy Heiny is fleece. Yes, it pills with repeated use. No, the laundry tabs do not work. This diaper is the cause of many, many snags on my other diapers (usually my bumGenius diapers- they must be enemies). The large aplix tabs warp in the dryer. They still work, they just don’t look nice. When you put it on, you can kind of straighten them back out a bit, but they are forever warped. The aplix does accumulate fuzz and things, but it continues to work. And a note, they are not joking that the lime green color is lime! It glows!

These diapers have an odd fit. They are much longer in the rise than other diapers. That makes them a good fit for toddlers and longer babies. They are fairly narrow width wise. So, if your child is a rolly little thing, this diaper is not going to fit him right. If, on the other hand, you are diapering tall or slender children, this diaper will fit lovely. It would fit an 8 lb. baby, but not extremely well. Realistically, you could expect it to fit closer to 10 lbs. It will fit all the way up to 40 lbs. (maybe even 45 lbs. if you toddler doesn’t have thunder thighs like mine does!)

I like the shape of the Happy Heiny insert. It is an 8 or an hourglass, whichever way you choose to look at it. The insert alone is a great product! It would make you Blueberrys and Econappis work so much better!

I don’t have leaking issues with this diaper at all. I do have the many, many fit issues. And of course, I have the laundry frustration of it grabbing onto everything else in the wash!

Do I recommend Happy Heiny One Size Pocket diapers? Well, only if your child is a difficult fit and it slender. For kids that are lean, tall, skinny, etc. this diaper may be just what you need. I would recommend you go for the snap version over the aplix version, though I’ve never tried the snap version. Aplix does offer more help in the way of difficult fits, but you will have to deal with the headaches that come with aplix. I won’t be buying more, they just don’t work well enough for all the kids. (And the point of me having one size diapers is that all diapers fit all kids needing diapers.)

Looking for a similar fit to a Happy Heiny? Try WAHMies One Size Pocket diapers. They are just as tall, only slightly wider- fitting a broader range. Plus the WAHMies have an extra set of snap that make them easily fit a newborn! Want fleece interior similar to a Happy Heiney, but don’t like the fit? Try Tweedle Bugs. (Blueberry Deluxe diapers also have the same fleece, but I don’t really recommend Blueberry diapers.)


This diaper still fits Imogene. She is now night time potty training, so it may get passed down to Aidan. (It fits him a little better now that he isn’t so round.) After 15+ months of daily use, the leg elastic has decided to wear out. This is a quicker wear than bumGenius (3.0 or organic AIOs), Blueberry, and Econappis. However, it is much longer than Haute Pockets! 450+ uses before elastic fails is completely acceptable to me! Elastic will not last forever, but this seems to be a decent amount of use out of the elastic.

BumGenius 3.0 One Size Pocket

Like my grumpy little bumGenius model? He is just so lovable, even grumpy.  I can’t say the same for bumGenius.

I am not a bumGenius fan. There. I said it. I’m glad we got that out of the way first. While I am not a fan, the 3.0 one size pocket has some nice parts. One nice part that no other diaper I have tried has is a little extra PUL protection around the top inside front of the diaper. bumGenius puts a little strip of PUL around the top of the inside of the front. Why is that cool? Well, one size diapers tend to flip out a bit at the top on the smaller sizes. Those adorable little chubby bellies tend to roll the front of the diaper down. (I know you know what I’m talking about. My maternity jeans did it ALL THE TIME!) That little extra strip of PUL keeps urine from wicking out the top via the interior fabric. (Not common, but happens a lot at night when they wet their diapers a lot.) Another plus is that suedecloth (which is the interior fabric of a bG 3.0 unless you get your hands on some of the limited edition fleece versions) does not stain. It also wicks away wetness pretty well. I also cannot say I’ve got any serious leaking problems. I love their inserts, I’ve got several extras that I use for added protection when needed. That is where my likes end.

Wow! I dislike my bumGenius diapers so much I don’t take pictures of them! Yikes. Well, now for what I do not like about bumGenius 3.0 one size pocket diapers. Suedecloth is quite possibly my least favorite interior fabric for a diaper. It tends to make all my little ones have small red bumps on their bums. (Smartipants and Rocky Mountains also do this, since they are suedecloth inside, too.) And suedecloth is not the softest stuff around. (Kind of reminds me of a softish polyester felt.) I also loathe velcro, or aplix if you’d rather use the cloth diaper term. BumGenius has particularly terrible aplix. It really grabs everything in the world and gets weak very fast. I have to weekly attempt to remove the strings and lint build up in the aplix. The laundry tabs are also a joke. They don’t hold at all. (Blueberrys are the only aplix diaper I have that holds to the laundry tabs.) So, really the bumGenius 3.0 just has all the things I happen to dislike in a diaper. If they had a snap version, I might like that. (Especially if it was a snap & fleece version- oh wait! That would be a Haute Pocket!!) The aplix issue makes this diaper’s life max out around a year and a half.

Realistically, this diaper fits around 8 lbs. You may be able to make it work on a 7 lb. baby since it is velcro. And it does max out between 35 and 40 lbs. (38 lb. Imo can wear these in a pinch, but they are tight and uncomfortable on her.) The shape of these is the same as a Haute Pocket or Smartipants.

Would I recommend the bumGenius 3.0 One Size Pocket Diaper? Not really. If you like aplix and suedecloth, then go for it. If you like the idea of bumGenius but would like a cheaper option, Smartipants would be a better choice. If you are like me and find the fit of a bG okay, but wants snaps and fleece, then you’d be happier with Haute Pocket Traditional One Size Pocket diapers. There are better diapers out there. These just fall short all over the place for me. Yes, they work. But why settle?

Here is my sad little bumGenius 3.0 one size pocket diaper after a little over a year of use.

A close up of my aplix tab on my bumGenius 3.0. You can see how yucky it looks and how it curls up, not holding where it is stuck.

And a close up of the loop strip. It is fraying. Sad little diaper needs to be put out of its misery.

Tweedle Bugs Diaper Review

Never heard of Tweedle Bugs? Don’t be alarmed. I hadn’t either. I came across them by chance one day and just HAD to give them a try! They were so much cheaper than anything I’d ever seen! ($12.95 a diaper!) These are one size pocket diapers that are cheap! For $12.95 I got the black diaper seen above, a Tweedle Bugs insert, and a doubler.

The interior is a fleece. It reminds me of Fuzzi Bunz fleece interior. They have a pocket opening in the front and back, so like Smartipants, you don’t have to unstuff them. They unstuff in the wash. (Which is a great feature!) The Tweedle Bugs insert is almost identical to a bumGenius insert.  The exterior is more nylon feeling and looking. It has no stretch to it as some PULs do.  They only come in a snap version, which you all know is a-okay with me!

Shown above with a Blueberry Deluxe to show size. The Tweedle Bug is a similar style to the Blueberry Deluxe and Econappi, but is slightly smaller. This means that this diaper fits smaller than the Blueberry. Realistically, it would fit an 8 lb. baby up to a 35 lb. toddler. (These do fit Imogene, 38 lbs., on the largest setting.) These diapers have some awesome elastic in them. It is super springy, but gentle. So, you can get a good fit without irritating fat thighs.

These are made a bit wider than other diapers. The rise is shorter than a Blueberry, but the width is the same. If your babies are long things, then this may not be a good choice. (Try Haute Pockets or WAHMies.) If you have round babies like I do, you may find the wider top makes it fit those chunky thighs so much better.

The pocket openings do gape a bit. It isn’t a use issue, just a visual one. You also have to make sure the insert isn’t sticking out the front on the smaller sizes. I have never had the insert work its way out while in use.

Do I recommend these diapers? Absolutely! If you want a cheap one size pocket diaper that works, you’ll love this diaper. It does have a limited size/shape range, so if you’ve got an oddly shaped or proportioned little one, you may want to take that into consideration. But overall, I would recommend these over their pricey counterparts any day! I am very happy with these and would happily buy more!

Like the price but need more of a size range? Try Smartipants. Looking for another fleece interior diaper with snaps? Try Haute Pockets.

WAHMies Diaper Review

Wahmies one size pocket diapers are pretty good. I have used both the hook version and the snap version. These diapers have the greatest range of any of the one one size diapers I’ve tried.

The hook version of this diaper (the brown and blue one) really intrigued me. I was hoping for it to be toddler proof. However, Aidan can still get out of it. To the diaper’s benefit, though, he never could get the hooks open. He just figured out how to suck in his belly and wriggle out of the thing! The hooks are not difficult to use. Once you play with it a bit, you figure the system out. They do take a little longer to get on and off. I suppose if I only had these hooks, I’d be quite speedy with it by now. Also, you can’t exactly expect grandma to change their diaper in or out of this one. The snap version is much more user friendly, but the size range isn’t quite the same.

The interior of this diaper is velour. Not the cotton velour of swaddlebees, but a synthetic velour like the blue “velour” blankets my grandmother used to have on her beds. (I loved those blankets. So much so that my Granny bought me several when I went off to college. I still have them.) After about 150 washes, my velour started balding in a few places. So, just like the blankets, these will bald and thin a bit over time. After closer to 200 washes, the interiors are more bald than not bald. When it balds, there is not much you can do with the diaper. They still “work” but the interior fabric is then thin and sheer, providing no wicking of moisture away from the child’s bum. Not cool at all. You can use any rectangular insert in these. I use Nicki’s Diapers inserts. (bumGenius, Fuzzibunz, Smartipants, Tweedle Bugs, etc. would also work.) The interior does wick the moisture away quite well. (While it is intact.) Natural velour tends to hold the moisture more, but this synthetic stuff will keep the moisture away.

Wahmies also have elastic in the front. It keeps them much snugger, without cutting off circulation. They fit any shape or size without too much extra fuss. I never have the interior rolling out the top problem with these. (Can be a problem with one size diapers when using them snapped down.)

Also, the hook version has a tendency to leak from the front , where the loops are sewn down. They seem to wick through the stitches on the front. This only happens when they get REALLY wet. For this reason, I typically avoid using these on long car rides or overnight.

Like I said, Wahmies one size pocket diapers have a very big range. This is probably THE ONLY one size diaper I’ve used that really will fit newborn through potty training. This diaper has an extra set of snaps that other diapers don’t have. These easily fit at 6 lbs. These still easily fit at 38 lbs. The hook version has more range in this area, but even the snaps would easily fit a 6 lb. baby and still fit a 38 lb. toddler. However, if your child is more rolly or super thin, the hooks would definitely give you a much better fit! These really do fit birth to potty training as claimed! That is a super plus.

Would I recommend Wahmies? Oh absolutely! These are very good diapers! Great quality! Super fit! If you are needing a easy diaper that a care provider can also use, you may want to avoid the hook version. But if you are willing to work past the learning curve, the hooks are the way to go with this one! The snaps are fine, but the hooks really add a lot to this diaper.  And a perfect fit on 3 kids is hard to do! I wouldn’t say these are great quality diapers. While they will probably last through at least one child, that isn’t my life. I need diapers to last and last. This diaper definitely doesn’t wear as well as some other cloth diapers. 

As a side note, my diapers look so fluffy here because I was putting them on the older two for bed. They each had two inserts in them. I tend to overstuff at bedtime! (Better safe than sorry!) They are not normally so fluffy when stuffed normally. Also, note that the hook version is not typically a good choice as a night diaper, due to wicking at the front loops. However, the older two don’t often pee much at night, so I can safely use them on them. (I still stuff them like crazy, just in case.) If you have a very heavy wetter or a very heavy night wetter, the hook version would not be a good choice for you- you’d be much better off with the snaps!

**UPDATE! After about 300 washes, the PUL on my hook WAHMies peeled. That sucked. It means the diaper is now used on a teddy bear instead of the kids. Bummer.

Haute Pockets Review

** An Update: I am so sad to update this review! Haute Pockets were once my favorite diaper. I loved them! We had such a good thing going. Then, as I mentioned, I had the PUL issue (it melted!) on one of my breathable green Haute Pocket diapers. I was sad, but felt I had gotten good use out of the diaper. Plus, I bought it on clearance at clothdiaperclearance.com. (If you haven’t checked that site out yet, go do it now! Really, I’ll wait! Doo dee doo doo … Back now? Great! I’ll continue my rant!) So, I really did feel like I got my money’s worth. And one clearance diaper out of 6 biting the dust after a good 10 months or so of use is good stuff, right? Well, I felt so. It did squelch my love for them a bit, but I tried to move on and continue loving them. Then, 2 out of my 3 traditional Haute Pockets (that I paid FULL PRICE for!) had the elastic go! After only 8 months of use I have two diapers with ZERO stretch in the elastic. At first I thought, oh no, it isn’t my diapers, it’s me! I must be doing something wrong. But it is only these and it is 2 out of 3 of my Traditional style. It can’t just be me. I can probably fix it, but it will probably be the end of my Haute Pocket love. Yes, I will still use and try my best to love those I still have. But I can never again say they are my favorite diaper. So sad. I did send Haute Pockets a break up letter. I felt it only fair to let them know that my love for them has come to an end. Maybe I’ll get around to putting up photos of the once loved but now useless diapers once the sting of the break up has worn off. I still have 6 out of 9 diapers that are perfectly fine, but those 3 have caused me to have a change of heart about recommending them so highly to everyone I know (and even those I don’t!). I’ll let you, my dear readers, know if Haute Pocket responds to my break up letter in any way, good or bad. It may bring us all some needed closure. **

Photos of my melted PUL. This only happened to one out of 6, so far. So, this one has a new purpose now!

** I received a reply back from my breakup letter with Haute Pockets. It was really anticlimactic, really. All I got was a standard reply, “Thank you for your e-mail. We are unable to replace your diapers since they are outside of warranty.” Further investigation on my part found that they have a 6 month warranty.  So, there is my closure I suppose. **

** Another sad update: Now my one and only still functioning Traditional Style Haute Pocket Diaper has also passed from use. Like the other two Traditional Style Haute Pocket One Size Diaper, the elastic shot. This time it was the back elastic. So, 2 lasted about 8 months. 1 lasted about 10 months. Not good enough, in my opinion. As sad as that makes me, I probably won’t be buying any more Haute Pocket diapers. (Even though they are currently on clearance.) And I no longer recommend these diapers because of my long term experience with them. Sad, too.**

Haute PocketsHaute Pocket One Size Pocket diapers are one of my all time favorite diaper! I have 6 of the old “breathable” version and 3 of the new “traditional” version. I’ve been using these diapers for quite some time and most of them have held up well. (I did have one diaper “melt” in the dryer. The plastic backing of the PUL melted and pulled away from the diaper, making that particular diaper completely unusable. However, this has so far only happened to the one diaper, though they are all washed the same and all washed together. Go figure. I did get a year’s use out of it, so I didn’t mourn its passing too much!) Since the original writing of this post, I have had 3 with shot elastic after less than 10 months of use. The three with bad elastic were Traditional One Size Haute Pockets.

Haute PocketsThe details. Haute Pocket claims their diaper will fit most babies from birth to potty training, specifying a fit from 8 lbs. to 35 lbs. My newborns are not 8 lbs, so that bit is out for me! However, they really do fit an 8 lb. infant! If your baby is on the rounder side, they would probably fit a 7 lb. baby! And they really do fit all the way up to 35 lbs. I have a 35 lb. 3 year old that can still fit in these diapers. They may fit a child weighing more than 35 lbs., if they child is on the tall and skinny end of things. My 3 year old has thunder thighs, and these fit her.

The interior fabric is a microfleece. It is very soft. It does pill a bit over time, but continues to remain nice and soft. The inserts are oddly shaped, but work really well! The doublers snap onto the insert, so they don’t slide around inside the diaper.

I’m not sure if you can tell in the picture above, but the blue diaper on the right is the old version and the yellow diaper on the left is the new version. The old version is slightly smaller than the new version (and is a very tight fit on my 35 lb. child). The old version is “breathable.” I like them, but they are not good overnight or traveling diapers. They don’t leak, but if left on for a long time (like over night) the water vapor will “breath” out of the diaper and cause pjs to feel damp when they wake up. The very good thing about the “breathable” version is that they let their little bums breath a bit. I like this feature a lot for daytime diapers. If your child has a slightly red bottom, put them in a breathable diaper and the redness clears up! I actually try to make it a point to put this diaper on first thing after they wake up. Seems nice to have a little air flow after a full night in one diaper. The inserts on the newer version are also a little wider. They will still work with the old version and the old version inserts still work in the new version.

Haute Pocket on Infantback of HauteThe 15ish lb. Emery modeling a new version Haute Pocket for you.

interior Haute Pocket

This picture shows you my one and only complaint against Haute Pockets. The pocket opening gapes. It doesn’t effect wear or use, but it looks bad in my diaper basket. Like most pocket diapers, you have to make sure the interior is tucked into the diaper in the back. The opening is wider than most pocket diapers, which makes stuffing very simple (especially with the larger insert) but it creates this problem.

I really like Haute Pockets. I have never used the hook & loop version, just snaps. These are fabulous little diapers.

Who would I recommend these diapers to? Anyone, really! If you like the fit of bumGenius one size diapers, you would like these diapers. Or if you are looking for an alternative to bumGenius one size diapers, these diapers are for you! If you need a nice pocket diaper, you’ll like these diapers. I have revised my recommendation based on long term use. I do not recommend these diapers. They do not hold up and last as long as they should. With all three of my Traditional Style Haute Pockets, the elastic was shot and needing replacement within 10 months. With the old breathable style, I had one with melting PUL. So, out of 9 Haute Pockets over the course of a year, I now only have 5 of them that are usable. (Note: Elastic in cloth diapers can be replaced. When it is shot you do not necessarily loose diaper function. If you don’t sew, you’ll have to find someone to replace the elastic. I do sew but have not gotten around to replacing the elastic. When I do replace my elastic, I’ll try to provide a tutorial on elastic replacement for those of you that sew. However, I do not think the elastic in a diaper should require replacement during one child’s worth of use. That means, I think the elastic should last for at least 2 years. Replacing elastic after 2 years is not a huge deal, in my opinion. Replacing it before a year is up is completely unacceptable.) If you need a snap diaper with fleece interior, consider Fuzzi Buns or Tweedle Bugs. If you like the look of a Haute Pocket and don’t mind a bulky diaper, try SmartiPants. You may also like WAHMies.