Kindergarten Math

Preschool homeschool has been going well. The kids love it! The Moose read her first book the other day, so that was exciting for us all! It did take her 20 minutes to read a little Bob Book, but she persevered and was very proud of herself! I informed her Bob Books were for kids to read. Moms and Dads cannot read Bob Books to kids. So, when she tried to quit a few pages in and suggested I finish, I had to remind her I couldn’t do it. She just couldn’t not finish the book. (What a cliffhanger that would have been!) I’m proud of her.

Science has been going well. It has been far too hot to go to the zoo, so we’ve turned our focus to sea creatures and plan to visit the aquarium in a week or two. Worman loved shark week. The Moose decided she isn’t a fan of sharks.

I finally decided on a math! We decided on Singapore Math. (Yeah, we! Me and that mouse in my pocket.) I opted to go with Essential Math instead of Earlybird Math. It goes with my life mantra of “try simple first.” I’ll let you know how it works out. We won’t be starting mid to late September on the math. I did break out a math workbook a few days ago, just to see what the kids have picked up via osmosis. To my complete surprise, not only can they count to the teens, but they can identify all the written numbers one through nine. Not sure where they picked up that one! They kind of thought the little preschool math workbook I picked up was silly. They were like, “Mom, we KNOW this stuff!”

And just so you know, I’m just updated on our homeschool progress, not bragging on the goblins. I’m often asked if I think my children are above average or “gifted.” I don’t. I think they are average kids. Not that I think my children are dumb or dullards. I just think they are average. I think they are awesome and each talented in their own way. I think they are cool. It is my assumption that all parents think their children are cool and awesome. I think most moms would say their kids are spiffy. But I think we can all agree most kids are average. Thus it being the average.

Homeschool Beginnings

As you know (well, maybe you don’t), The Pastor and I have begun homeschooling the Goblins. We have been very fortunate that most of our family, friends, and church family are familiar and supportive of homeschooling. That, in and of itself, is a blessing. It is difficult to start down a path when you know most people are watching you embark like you’re nuts.

However, embarking on homeschooling is difficult. Really. There are as many ways to homeschool as there are kids doing it. Every family has their way that works for them and each kid within that family responds to it in their own way. I’ve been reading up on homeschooling for years. Yes. Years. I finally narrowed it down to the method we like as a family, that fits our particular goals for education and our personality as a family. Now, I get to choose curriculum. Yay! (And that was a sarcastic “Yay!”)

So, I narrowed it down to classical education. Of course, I’m bound to be a bit eclectic, I know myself well enough to know that. And we’ve begun our reading book and our preschool zoology studies. (So much fun!) Now, what else?

I’ve been wrestling with various math choices. There are many. I’ve narrowed it down to a handful. Miquon Math is one option, in fact, it is the strongest option at the moment. I’m also considering Singapore Math, Developmental Math, and Math U See– in that order. (And to be honest, Math U See is at the end of the list only because of the dumb way they spell their program name.)

I’m also trying to decide on a handwriting program. I like Italics,  but the Pastor is skeptical. He seems to be leaning more toward Handwriting Without Tears or some other program that is more traditional. I just want the kids to have pretty handwriting, isn’t that the point of a handwriting program?

We will be adding math and handwriting to our school routine this fall, at least for Imogene. I think Aidan may be ready to begin math, but I doubt he’ll have the motor skills for handwriting just yet. He is taking to reading pretty well. I actually did not expect him to pick up on it so quickly. I was pretty confident I would have to start over again with him at some later date, but he is hanging in there and keeping up.

I know everyone has their own way and I know everyone thinks their way is the best way. If you have your best way and you want to share, feel free! (Especially if you have some advice on some of the programs we are considering!) I am also working on our reading list. We’re almost at 50 books read since May. Fascinating, I know.