About The Pastor’s Wife

Notes From the Parsonage is written by Lindsey. She married The Pastor, Adams, in 2003. They live in The Parsonage with their eight lovely children, Imogene (VB in 2006), Aidan (c-section in 2007), Emery (VBAC in 2009), Ransom (VBAC in 2011), Topher (HBAC in 2013), Peregrin (Induced VBAC for ICP in 2015), Daisy (Induced VBAC for ICP in 2017), and Sue Ellen (Induce VBAC in 2020). Lindsey is a stay-at-home mom and is, as you might have guessed, The Pastor’s Wife.

Lindsey has a degree in nursing from Wallace State College. Before birthing lovely children, she worked in the operating room. She also briefly worked in a long term psychiatric facility for schizophrenic men. She also has a psychology degree from Trevecca Nazarene University.

She has breastfed all eight children (10.5 months, 16 months, 16 months, 16 months, 17 months, 18 months, 26 months, and still going). She teaches free childbirth education classes for her ministry Faith Family Services. The Pastor’s wife enjoys crafts. She likes to sew. Lindsey also enjoys crocheting, citing it is stress relieving. She is pretty handy with a glue gun. The Pastor can attest that she always has some craft project(s) going. She also loves filling in her planner. Stickers. Colored pens. Washi tape. *Sigh* Such joy!

Lindsey enjoys reading. C.S. Lewis is her favorite author. She enjoys reading everything from fiction to how-to books. She especially loves books on grammatical errors. Misplaced modifiers really give her a good laugh. Lindsey is also a freelance review writer (anything from books to baby carriers to diapers to vitamins and vacuums).

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Twitter: @notesftp

Instagram: notesfromtheparsonage

Goodreads: Lindsey Jane Godbold

Facebook: Facebook.com/notesfromtheparsonage

3 Replies to “About The Pastor’s Wife”

  1. Dear Lindsey,

    I saw your Amazon review of “Life As We Knew It” and thought you might be interested in receiving a copy of our company’s latest book, a young-adult novel, for a possible review. I think you’ll find the book, “Noah’s Castle”, to not be boring.

    Set in England, “Noah’s Castle” tells the story of a family struggling to survive a complete economic collapse during which hyperinflation runs rampant, money becomes worthless, and the nation begins to starve.

    “Noah” was originally published in 1975 by Oxford University Press and was adapted into a mini-series for British television in 1980. I first read “Noah” as a teenager in the ’80s and the story has haunted me ever since. A couple of years ago, I re-read “Noah” and found that the story had lost none of its impact. In fact, the book was even more compelling to read today. Considering its timely theme, I was surprised to discover “Noah” was out-of-print, so I contacted the author and now my company is republishing his book.

    The author, John Rowe Townsend, didn’t write “Noah” as a straight disaster tale. He uses the circumstances to explore how different people react and how a family can balance its needs against those of the broader society. The story is thought-provoking because it doesn’t provide any easy answers.

    Please let me know if you’d be interested in receiving a copy.

    Best regards,
    Mike Mihalik

  2. Hello, I’m Martin Flores, a self published writer. I was wondering if you can review my book? I’ll email you a free copy if that’s ok with you. It’s called 10. 10 short fairy tales all in one book.

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